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  1. Has anyone looked into the double alpha magnetic mag holders?
  2. I have a friend having firing pin issues. Does anyone offer a titanium one or has any one had issues and found a fix for a similar issue?
  3. Definitely a lot of lead punched out of it. Only 1 of the outer ports would allow a pick through it.
  4. Personal opinion but work with your M&P work hard on fundamentals discipline and stage planing. I'm a C shooter aiming for B in production this year. I have a friend invested in a high end limited gun before learning technique and he is struggling. My opinion spend money on ammo over technology and you will be a much better shooter in other divisions down the road for staying with the basics in production M&P's have been rock solid for me.
  5. It looks similar to this but I believeit is a new frontier
  6. I think my break caught a bullet at some point this weekend at a steel match. It took a lot of force and time to get out what I could. Weight of debris removed feels about 2/3 of a bullet. No performance issues noticed until a deep clean after the match. I also have had timer issues at every match so it's time to move on to a new break any help or references to a better or worse 9mm break.
  7. Looks like a nice setup....any trigger work worth doing?
  8. Great....I'm a PSA with a CMC guy and seeing the same issues.....anyone got a bullet proof trigger for a PCC? Thanks for any help
  9. Yeah that's kinda what I was getting at but 6K rounds later build up never gets bad enough to affect the gun
  10. Yeah I poked around but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for earlier. Thanks again I'll have to give it a better effort next time
  11. Thank you for the fast response.
  12. I recently came across a "prodution" smith M&P 9L for sale when I got clear pictures of the gun the front of the slide appears to be machined or modified to a rounded edge. I found in some research this was something people did to balance the gun. I do not believe it to be production leagal. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. ^^^I saw this the other day^^^ why are we parting ways with the gun?
  14. I have found 500rds of coated bullet build up can be "blown out" by 15rds of jacketed bullets. And cleans alot easier after.....so whatever that info is worth to anyone
  15. Kinda what I was afraid of
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