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  1. I did prior to starting this thread. There is a lot of good info there on a variety of powders. But most of those 147gr loads at, or above 1,000fps are beyond manufacturers’ recommended max.
  2. I was able to find a pound of BE-86 locally. I loaded up some test rounds and was able to chrono them today. These are all using Zero’s 147gr JHP loaded to 1.112”. Temperature was 55 deg F. Barrel length is 4 inches. In case anyone is interested, here’s how they came out. 4.5gr 938fps SD = 5.72 ES = 20.2 4.7gr 958fps SD = 14.56 ES = 50.1 4.9gr 990fps SD = 10.45 ES = 39 5.1gr 1,018fps SD = 15.63 ES = 65.3
  3. Do you have any chrono data with these powders?
  4. I agree, but as I said, when I contacted Western for jacketed data, they pointed me to the GS data. I told them the exact same thing you just told me. They didn’t even believe me when I told them the jacket is brass. After I sent them a copy of Remington’s description of the bullet design, stating that it was brass, they still said the GS data was what I should use. In any event, at 5.5gr, I’m already substantially above their Speer TMJ max of 5.0gr.
  5. The Speer TMJ is a plated bullet. Plated bullets generally can handle higher charges at lower pressure than jacketed bullets. And GS bullets even more. I am already at the max +P load with True Blue for the GS bullet in Ramshot’s load guide, and I’m still not at 1,000fps. Absent my own pressure testing equipment, I need to rely on the manufacturers’ data. I’m getting 94%-95% of VV’s published velocity for N340. Applying that same percentage to their data for N350 indicates that N350 should work. The only reason I’m considering BE-86 is that I have seen multiple pos
  6. I’m just trying to duplicate performance.....same bullet weight, same velocity, which, I assume should also translate to same point of impact. The recoil with the loads I mentioned above is pretty close to the factory HST.
  7. Hey Kevin! It still seems that AA7 and TB would be in the +P area with a conventional jacketed bullet. For some reason, Western doesn’t list a jacketed bullet in their 147gr data, only plated and Golden Saber. When I asked them for jacketed data, they kept pointing me to the GS data. My COL is 1.112” It seems like AA7 and TB would be straining to reach 1,000fps from a 4 inch barrel. I’m looking for an alternative that will do it “comfortably”. That’s why I am considering N350 or BE-86. I’m sure 3N38 will do it too, but 3N38 will likely go way beyond what I’m looki
  8. My concern with 3N38 is being at the bottom of the load range, and getting an incomplete/dirty burn.
  9. I am trying to work up a load using Zero 147gr JHP’s to replicate the standard pressure 147gr HST. I would prefer to stay at standard pressure if possible, and within “book” max loads. I have tried N340, Silhouette, and True Blue. From a 4 inch barrel, I am getting:4.3gr N340: 960fps5.5gr Silhouette: 1,038fps (+P)5.5gr True Blue: 980fps (+P)Silhouette gives the lowest SD I have achieved with any powder. The only thing that concerns me about it is that I am at the top of Ramshot’s +P range. I was thinking of trying BE-86 or N350 next. Given the above, would they be good choices to get to 1,000f
  10. The GG&G MAD BUIS with ranging aperture has a disc in the rear sight with different apertures that are calibrated for varying distances. The aperture marked "0" is supposed to be the 25 yard and 200 yard zero, the one marked "3" is 300 yards etc. The sight is supposed to be calibrated for bullet weights from 55gr - 62gr fired from a 16 inch barrel. Can anyone explain to me how the "0" aperture can be zeroed for both a near zero of 25 yards AND a far zero of 200 yards ? Every ballistics table and internet post I can find says that a 55gr round zeroed at 25 yards will have a far zero out aro
  11. Nevermind. I found this link on the internet and it worked perfectly. I guess this is one of those common knowledge things I didn't know: http://www.fulton-armory.com/DropFree.htm I gave each mag a firm tap twice on that bump with my small brass "gunsmithing" hammer. Each mag drops free easily now.
  12. Earlier this year I bought four 20-round magazines from Brownells (Brownells brand). I had heard that these were very well made, reliable magazines for AR's. Anyway, I finally got around to trying them out today. I have a factory stock 16-inch Bushmaster V-Match carbine. All four mags were tight in the magazine well on insertion and none of them drop free when the mag release is pressed. The factory Bushmaster magazine (plastic body) drops free just fine. Are the Brownells mags on the "thick" side ? Or are Bushmaster magazine wells on narrow side ? Is this worth trying to figure out, o
  13. No, I don't use One Shot for anything, not even on my brass. It gunked up my sizing die.
  14. Well, I pulled the hopper off and looked into the powder bar and saw nothing. I reassembled it and loaded another 100 rounds today with no problem whatsoever. I guess the gremlins were out yesterday. I hate unexplained gremlins.
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