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  1. The AR type PCC here is s little bit hard to find, considering the CX Storm, any opinion? Or upgrades like trigger or comp. thanks
  2. hi hope to hear what you think is the issue When shooting light load( 2 3/4, 2 /3/4 drams 1 1/8oz) Federal top gun, occasionally the fired case wont full eject even with a light recoil spring, so change my ammo to the same brand with the 3 drams, this time it extract and eject without problem, however experienced a failure to release a shell from the mag. the mag spring feels it has good push, could it be the carrier spring or the latch (cant remember the name)that activates by the trigger and activates the shell latch. Tried another box ( Challenger 3 drams and low brass same as Federal))of shell, everything went well. thanks
  3. I am an Open Pistol Shooter, for almost 2 decades, so a little bit familiar the comp/?load relationship, does this hold true with rifle, just replaced my VG6 epsilon comp to SJC Titan comp with more side ports. H335 is the powder with 55gr bullet is what I'm using right now which is a fast burning, will a medium or slow burning powder makes the Titan more efficient. Really don’t care about blast . Lol btw here’s the my rifle specs 18” rifle gas odin adjustable GB Faxon LW BCG Vltor A5 system, 3.3oz buffer Thanks
  4. its not official yet because the new Rulebook havent been out. its now legal to upgrade the trigger internals as long it stays 5lbs in double action.
  5. 75800 with T3 or the T5?,and if I go with 75800 can I match this with the Old style Trigger, thanks
  6. thanks, learned something today
  7. Thanks, i just ordered the Atlas PSR with QD, and shoot open.
  8. Hi Just bought a Bipod for my AR basically for my 3Gunning, need your experience and opinion on where to attached the thing, is it closer to the muzzle or in the mid part of the barrel lenght. btw I got am 18.5 bbl for my rifle. thanks
  9. HI in the stage of rebarrelling my Open, my Dawson Comp is still great, Any idea the thread pitch for the Dawson Awesome2 Comp. just want to make sure I will buy the right bbl and threads. thanks
  10. Can you still put more screws on the ELS fork and adaptor/ hanger?
  11. 9.7 grs of AA#7, 121 gr. Frontier Match or Hornady, 1.145 oal Schuemann bbl, with 2 bbl holes. 166 PF
  12. Finally got the chance to went back to the range, but I don't think can give a concrete answers , since I replaced some maintenance parts of my Odin Gas Block cleaned the gas tube and field strip my new Faxon LW BCG. But I remember very well , its on my notes anyways that before the LW BCG my gas setting was on the 10 clicks using the BCM BCG and was running perfect. although the last time was giving me some problems with loads of H335 24.5gr with the Faxon LW, this time after the cleaning and maintenance done, the Rifle now is running smoothly on the 8 setting., it will even run on 7, but for insurance purposes I opted to #8. so less gas this time with my Faxon LW.
  13. Sure will, in 2 weeks, the wifey wants to go skiing in the coming weekend.
  14. that would be my plan in the next session, just Lucas Oil.
  15. The gas block looks okay, the tube is less than 2k rounds, , using the RP wolff buffer spring and Vltor A5 H0 buffer which is around 3.2 oz. paired A5 buffer tube. it was running 100% with my old BCM BCG. will try again this coming days maybe the Faxon BCG just needs some break in. My other load which 25.0 gr. of H335 still runs okay same with my CFE 26gr. I am just wondering why this time with a Lighter BCG it doesn't lock back the at the rear with empty mag.
  16. Yeah I was also considering that aspect, hope its not the Faxon BCG, its Lucas oil mix with slide glide
  17. Its an 18' bbl rifle gas system, BCM BCG , Odin Adjustable Gas Block was my original set up it runs 100% with my lightest load of 24.5 grs of H335, the bolt locks open. outside Temp was 15 deg Celsuis Replaced the BCG ONLY with Faxon LW BCG, same gas setting, same buffer spring., minus 10 C It will cycle but will not lock the bolt open. My pressumption was it will work better since I have reduced the weight of the BCG. Will also mentioned that this is time there is a 25 degress C difference on the temp. Could it be the Temp? thanks
  18. thats the thing, I dont know how or dont have a guide how much trim is needed. sent JP the specs via email of the A5 buffer tube but don' have any response yet.
  19. Hi is it possible to use the JP captured spring on my A5 buffer tube?, A5 tube lenght is between the carbine and rifle, even the buffer lenght is between the 2. Right now I'm using the A5 H0 which 3.3Oz and a reduced power rifle buffer spring. just to mentioned that Faxon LW BCG and Odin adjustable GB is fiited to the rifle , with a 18 rifle gas system bbl. thanks
  20. the Teklok is attached to the belt while the ELS receiver plate is to the Teklok,
  21. ELS for multi gun and IPSC, its true that there is tendency not to get the best set up for your gear since the ELS receiver plate is fix to your belt. I attached all my ELS receiver plates to Bladetech Teclok which can allow you to make some minor adjustment before the a specific match. btw, the Teklock is not that expensive, around $12.00
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