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  1. here's my rifle set up 18" bbl with rifle gas, VG6 brake ( epsilon), Vltor A5 buffer system with 6.03oz buffer , BCM BCG, and Std. Gas Block the muzzle rise is not bad, but its the muzzle Torque I want to minimize or if possible eliminate. would going to adjustable gas block like Odin or Superlative helps? with adjustable gas block I can at least go for a lighter buffer 3.9oz ( vltor A5 h2) which I have on hand. and possibly with a lighter buffer spring. thanks
  2. how about the M2 Compact Stock, a little expensive only
  3. was thinking of sending it to Dillon, but I manged to unintentionally disassembbled the decaping pin which according to Dillon will just damege the die itself. made a mistake, I unthreaded the decapping assembly all the way up, but the other half of the pin is still left inside the die body and brass. stupid me, read the instructions after I screwed up, it should be the other way, lol. happened to me 3 yrs ago, and was successful in getting off the case, this old brain doesn't keep accurate info anymore, lol
  4. ashamed to admit,but I managed to stuck case on my Dillon sizing die, followed the instructions on how get out the case, unfortunately to no avail. since I might need a new sizing die, was thinking of the combo above, to be honest was haapy with the Dillon sizing die. but sometimes its nice to know to have other options.
  5. Just curious about this combo ( Body Die and Neck or Collet Neck Die) on resizing brass ( 223). Better and precise than a SB Full Lenght Sixing Die? Lube still needed for the Body Die?, its for my AR. Redding and Forster has all the 3 dies, which brand is more easy to use and better results. thanks
  6. try search Frankford arsenal, saw a couple months ago about a "Dryer"
  7. might as well join this post. just acquired a Swarvo Z8i1-8 x24, the way I understand it, the scope should be zeroed at its highest magnification which 8x inorder for the reticle to work best. . in the package ( box) it came with a sample of bullet drops chart with different bullets weight and ammo brands together with velocities. However the chart examples are base on a 100yard zero with 6X magnification and not on the 8X . Did I missed something here. not a scope pro here, so your advice is much welcome. thanks
  8. I bought a JP case gauge, unfortunately it will not do good for me, even the dummy round with a shoulder of 1.448 will still fit , this lenght will chamber but needs to be mortared to extract. If not not mistaken the 223 Rem lenght from base to shoulder is 1.438" so 1.442 would still be good to go.
  9. I did resized again all my prep brass, using Sinclair Shoulder bump gauge 1.444-1.446 will chamber and extract without problem, 1.447 will chamber alright but a little hesitation when extracting. 1.448 will still chamber but has to mortar to extract the round. All of these chamber and extracting are done manually. I measured some factory rounds - Federal fusion, Winchester and some Hornady's, all the 3 brands register a shoulder of 1.444- 1.445. Hope this helps.
  10. this is one of my concern, maybe Dan and Steve can mentioned their gas system, Thanks btw, using a standard BCM BCG and Vltor A5 system with 6.3oz buffer, although a have a reserved A5 buffer ( H0) 3.9oz. .
  11. forgot to mentioned its a 1/8 wylde chamber, my only concern is since its a fast burning powder might not be the best for a rifle lenght 18"' bbl. thanks, once spring is here I can try shooting at 200-300 yrs, only available right now is a 50yrd indoor. thanks
  12. I still have a couple of my old reloads using these components , (H335 powder, 55gr fmjbt) which was for my 14.5" bb, mid gas 1/7 twist, Rebarelled my rifle to a 18" 1/8twist with a rifle gas system. Maybe a slower powder would be more approriate? , any recommendation please. max of 300 yards shooting . thanks btw, also have a couple of 748 powders at hand.
  13. Yeah, that's the thing with Vortex got so many outside vendor, you dont know where or who made it, dont want to take the risk and pay a overprice from China, they also carry Bobro's mount which is great. So Dan you have this particular mount? Are they any good, its pricey though
  14. Sorry, that was a typo it is 1.4450- 1.4425, Like bigedp51 mentioned earlier, it could be the "spring back", not all my 3k prep brass done 2-3 yrs ago has change its shoulder lenght , already done resizing again and retrimmed my brass.
  15. I am aware that Vortex doesnt manufacture their own mount, can anybody tell me who made this mount? looks interesting, thanks
  16. LoganbillJ Still waiting for the my LGS to restock the ADM High mount, just curious if you find shooting Prone with the High Mount more challenging than the 1.50" common mount height. Thanks
  17. Thanks for time to post some pics,
  18. What I have right now iis the Dillon Sizing die, not sure if this is a SB die. But what puzzles me is the Hornady 75gr. Factory round ( ogive lenght is 2.250")with a shoulder lenght of 1.448 chambers and extract with no problem manually and not by firing. Some of my old prep brass has the same shoulder lenght as the Hornady. I will be checking the OAL, it could be my new bbl has a shorter freebore or tighter . Will also try resizing some brass to 1.448" and cycle wothout a projectile and see what will happen. If it does chamber and extract, then will focus on my bullet seating .
  19. I have a factory loaded ammo Hornady 75 gr match and was just curious about its shoulder lenght, to my surprise its 1.448 which was pretty identical to my prep brass which now doesnt extract to my new bbl. Starting to suspect that i screwed up the way I trim the brass, I remember somebody borrowed my Giraud Trimmer 2 yrs ago and maybe readjusted my setting. Could be this possible that what causes it is over lenght of the brass.
  20. OAL 2.225 "for a 55gr. Its not slipping from the extractor, its more of a resistance, a symtom of a long shoulder, correction my original brass before was 1.447" not 1.445 as posted, a typo. I have to resize again all my prep brass now to 1.442".
  21. I just rebarelled my AR to a 223 Wylde ( Rainier Ultra Match) and my 3k prep brass from my previous 5.56 bbl some wont extract ( dummy rounds). The prep brass shoulder measured 1.445" using Sinclair shoulder bump gauge, this brass feed and extract 100% from my old Noveske 5.56". So adjusted my sizing die so the shoulder now measures 1.425" . Is this number looks to low? All along I thought 223, 223 Wylde and 5.56 has the same OD of their brass. Share your opinions please , thanks
  22. Well , hopefully its just the carrier spring. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Jlane, in my case, I have to push the carrier down manually via the ejection port to bring the bolt forward. Mr. Benelli has answered my inquiries, one Rep says its normal, just find it weird when a company design a shotgun that you need to push the carrier manually to close a the bolt. Nick S, I pick up some parts at Stoeger Canada ( Benelli Distributor up North), Breech Lock Latch and Pin, Carrier Spring and Latch. also showed the SBE to the in house gunsmith, and he said not worry about as long it doesnt happen while shooting,. to make the story short nobody know what's going on. lol
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