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  1. I chose the JP 308 SCS for my 308 build, want to play around with the spring, have the JP 308 springs and 223 JP Springs, can I use the 100% 223 springs for 308, JP doesn't states the spring rates only percentage and only according to specific caliber. And anybody know the spring rates of their springs regardless of caliber. Thanks Pls include the spring rates for their 9mm SCS, also have one for my PCC.
  2. Thanks, any specific type of stone, I’m not that good with smithing, haven’t done before
  3. I believe, any remedy?, is this an issue in the long run?, thanks
  4. Hi, this is a new built 308, with Criterion 20” bbl chrome line, only shot 20 rounds just to make sure rifle is working, so far its 100%. But notice some marks on the neck, could be a rough feed ramp?, pics below
  5. Thanks, really a big help, so i can go 1.40-1.43” mount, always prefer 1.5-1.6” on my AR-15
  6. Hi I am in the building of a 308 AR using Stag 10 receivers which a high tang DPMS . Already have the parts except the scope ( Vortex Razor 2 E 1-6) already placed an order , thinking of getting the Geissele Mount )( 1.50”), centerline height , should I get the sopmod or just the regular extended mount?, second concern is about the term high tang, will the top of the Picatinny rail higher vs the stock drop compared to a AR 15 223?, found a Warne mount , big price difference than Geissele, but its on the low side 1.43” centerline which i find a little bit low especially with my fatty check, that is on the AR15. Your opinion is needed here. Thanks
  7. School me on the 2 reticles( vmr and JM) they look the same , any difference between the 2. Will replace the Swarvo Z8 1-8 that’s on my 3gun With the Razor, the Swarvo will go to my Stag 10, will be for plinking and range use .. unfortunately can’t afford a another Swarvo or Khales for my 3gun rifle, what do you think should the PST2 1-6 for 3 gun, quality wise, your opinions are welcome. Thanks btw can you recommend a good dealer price price for the Razor
  8. Shooters Connection doesn’t ship international for gun parts either, but thanks for the link
  9. Hi am I correct to say that the GMR15 extractor is the same as 1911?, since we don’t have a JP dealer here up North and JP doesn’t ship, I’m desperate to have a back up, same with the firing pin/spring too, although Brownells ships international , BROWNELS don’t sell these parts even with my product request to them, but saw a Wilson AR9 firing pin on their website , not sure if its JP bolt compatible. Thanks
  10. Update, Hornady Tactical Defense BS 8 pellets using IC produced the best pattern, but was not able to compare with/ without the brakes, maybe next week
  11. thanks for your feedbacks, will try it on the rsnge Monday without the brake snd IC choke
  12. Hi, Now shooting open with Typhoon F12 and it comes with after market muzzle brake... my Buckshot seems will not pattern as tight as I want, tried different chokes from LM, Mod and IM ... SB , Remington and Federal ammo were also used. Does a brake affect how a gun patterns? Will try shooting without the brake and see what happens... any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Are the firing pin and springs proprietary just for the GMR15?, how about the extractor,
  14. The firing pin and the extractor are issue, you can’t simply mail the part up here, will make more research on other companies that are legal to export, emailed Brownells if the start stocking these parts, btw are the firing pin and extractor proprietary, it looks like the extractor is the same as 1911, and the firing pin as standard AR 223, might be wrong though
  15. I want to keep in hand some spare parts, ( firing pin,,extractor snd oring) JP doesn’t ship to Canada, although Brownells carry JP parts snd ship, but they don’t have the parts mentioned above, any recommendation of other source, thanks
  16. lots of 10 rounders here, but remembered JP recommends the standard 17 rounds for reliability, more something like the different follower design of the 10 rounds. although the 17 rounds are prohibited here unless pinned to 10 which is legal. and find the 10 rounders is a pain to load on close bolt.
  17. i have a couple of glock mags, but they seems always out of stock here up north
  18. any feedback and experience with the Amend2 for use with GMR15. any reliability issues? thanks
  19. can I use any AR15 on AR9 like the GMR15? thanks
  20. Also shooting GMR15 with 510C, i find the factory height a little low , Was able to get a spacer (.200) to raise the 510C to 1.61”, which is an improvement . Always shoot with my Red Dot to 1.70”. . Holosun sells the spacer. But have to source mine here locally since Holosun doesnt ship up North.
  21. Oal 1.12 of Frontier 124gr Match
  22. Jp GMR 15 14.5”bbl 3.8grs is at 128pf 4.1 at 140pf 3.8 is soft Shooting but are getting some flyers at 25 yards, 4.1 is still soft/ flat and shoots great at 25.
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