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  1. Sure will, in 2 weeks, the wifey wants to go skiing in the coming weekend.
  2. that would be my plan in the next session, just Lucas Oil.
  3. The gas block looks okay, the tube is less than 2k rounds, , using the RP wolff buffer spring and Vltor A5 H0 buffer which is around 3.2 oz. paired A5 buffer tube. it was running 100% with my old BCM BCG. will try again this coming days maybe the Faxon BCG just needs some break in. My other load which 25.0 gr. of H335 still runs okay same with my CFE 26gr. I am just wondering why this time with a Lighter BCG it doesn't lock back the at the rear with empty mag.
  4. Yeah I was also considering that aspect, hope its not the Faxon BCG, its Lucas oil mix with slide glide
  5. Its an 18' bbl rifle gas system, BCM BCG , Odin Adjustable Gas Block was my original set up it runs 100% with my lightest load of 24.5 grs of H335, the bolt locks open. outside Temp was 15 deg Celsuis Replaced the BCG ONLY with Faxon LW BCG, same gas setting, same buffer spring., minus 10 C It will cycle but will not lock the bolt open. My pressumption was it will work better since I have reduced the weight of the BCG. Will also mentioned that this is time there is a 25 degress C difference on the temp. Could it be the Temp? thanks
  6. thats the thing, I dont know how or dont have a guide how much trim is needed. sent JP the specs via email of the A5 buffer tube but don' have any response yet.
  7. Hi is it possible to use the JP captured spring on my A5 buffer tube?, A5 tube lenght is between the carbine and rifle, even the buffer lenght is between the 2. Right now I'm using the A5 H0 which 3.3Oz and a reduced power rifle buffer spring. just to mentioned that Faxon LW BCG and Odin adjustable GB is fiited to the rifle , with a 18 rifle gas system bbl. thanks
  8. the Teklok is attached to the belt while the ELS receiver plate is to the Teklok,
  9. ELS for multi gun and IPSC, its true that there is tendency not to get the best set up for your gear since the ELS receiver plate is fix to your belt. I attached all my ELS receiver plates to Bladetech Teclok which can allow you to make some minor adjustment before the a specific match. btw, the Teklock is not that expensive, around $12.00
  10. Hi whats the model # of your Switch view lever for Swarvo 1-8, thanks
  11. do you mind posting the model# of your GLS, mine is a 2011 SDC ( Eagle), is the GLS compatible with ELS or Boss Hanger. thanks
  12. Just a follow up, without the boss hanger, can I attach the ELS fork directly to the Bladetech Holster
  13. I using the the Safariland ELS for my Shotgun and Rifle, planning of getting a Bladetech Holster for my upcoming STI Eagle , my question is whether the ELS fork is compatible with Bladetech holster. thanks
  14. I have been searching for this kind of topic. like many I"m too has this problem. , is it because the rifle a little front heavy? dont have a very strong support arm. The bbl I have right now is the Rainere Ultra Match 18" at 2lbs and 3oz. If I can get a bbl around 1.5-1.6 lbs maybe it will help. Faxon Gunner 18" is around 1.6lbs if not mistaken. Thanks
  15. For Retention they are great, sizewise a little bulky, as mentioned above, you have to adjust the "lenght" to a specific Brand or type of Shell. Price- oh well just dont tell your wife
  16. Also having issues with my SBE2, the lifter sometimes stays up when I cycle the action, check the BROWNELS parts, There are 2 Carrier Springs listed, which one is the 1.6" which you Gents is recommending. Thanks
  17. Alaskapopo I have a question about the BTF on your scope, it is necessary to install the "rings" in order from the closest zero distance to the farthest zero. correct if I'M wrong, although dont have the BTF yet still in the plan, my original Zero is at 50 yards and want to keep it this way, planning to put the first ring for my 25 yard. and the rest of the rings from 100-200-300 yards respectively. So the order of would be 50 yards, 25, 100, 200, 300 yards. Thanks
  18. Tired of hitting those penalties, scoring targets with a diameter of 3" surrounded by NO Shoots set up at 10yards to 25 yards. Right now the I have the Swarvo 1-8 and zeroed at 50/200 and it works for me great. So my problem is on the closer targets, the mechanical offset is around 2.75". So whats the best combo that will be compatible with my main optics, my main concern is the room for the mount and RDS especially the some RDS have their brightness adjustment on the left side. Planning to install the RDS at the rear closely side by side with my main optics. Warne 45 dgree/ vortex venon/viper combo is whats on my mind, maybe you can add your advice and suggestion. Thanks
  19. Since we're talking about neck, my follow question is .252" neck OD that is less 001" of the Saami Spec (.253")of neck OD good to go or should I go for a crimp to .250"-251"
  20. Thanks, email on the way, btw, when you say I cant use to size the body and shoulder, even without the decapping pin assembly?
  21. Hello, Without the Decapping Pin Assebly of my sizing die, Can I still use the die to size just the body/ shoulder without the neck sizing? what happen was a case got stuck on the die and I cant remove the case, tried all the methods, and secondly might had damaged the Decapping assembly. Managed to acquire locally a Forester Sizing Die, although it chambers using dummy rounds, it doesnt fully seat with my JP ammo gauge. Brass that was sized by Dillon drops freely on the JP gauge. Not sure if I can send the Dillon Die for repair, then again its not practical for shipping since I'm in Canada.
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