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  1. Sorry, that was a typo it is 1.4450- 1.4425, Like bigedp51 mentioned earlier, it could be the "spring back", not all my 3k prep brass done 2-3 yrs ago has change its shoulder lenght , already done resizing again and retrimmed my brass.
  2. I am aware that Vortex doesnt manufacture their own mount, can anybody tell me who made this mount? looks interesting, thanks
  3. LoganbillJ Still waiting for the my LGS to restock the ADM High mount, just curious if you find shooting Prone with the High Mount more challenging than the 1.50" common mount height. Thanks
  4. Thanks for time to post some pics,
  5. What I have right now iis the Dillon Sizing die, not sure if this is a SB die. But what puzzles me is the Hornady 75gr. Factory round ( ogive lenght is 2.250")with a shoulder lenght of 1.448 chambers and extract with no problem manually and not by firing. Some of my old prep brass has the same shoulder lenght as the Hornady. I will be checking the OAL, it could be my new bbl has a shorter freebore or tighter . Will also try resizing some brass to 1.448" and cycle wothout a projectile and see what will happen. If it does chamber and extract, then will focus on my bullet seating .
  6. I have a factory loaded ammo Hornady 75 gr match and was just curious about its shoulder lenght, to my surprise its 1.448 which was pretty identical to my prep brass which now doesnt extract to my new bbl. Starting to suspect that i screwed up the way I trim the brass, I remember somebody borrowed my Giraud Trimmer 2 yrs ago and maybe readjusted my setting. Could be this possible that what causes it is over lenght of the brass.
  7. OAL 2.225 "for a 55gr. Its not slipping from the extractor, its more of a resistance, a symtom of a long shoulder, correction my original brass before was 1.447" not 1.445 as posted, a typo. I have to resize again all my prep brass now to 1.442".
  8. I just rebarelled my AR to a 223 Wylde ( Rainier Ultra Match) and my 3k prep brass from my previous 5.56 bbl some wont extract ( dummy rounds). The prep brass shoulder measured 1.445" using Sinclair shoulder bump gauge, this brass feed and extract 100% from my old Noveske 5.56". So adjusted my sizing die so the shoulder now measures 1.425" . Is this number looks to low? All along I thought 223, 223 Wylde and 5.56 has the same OD of their brass. Share your opinions please , thanks
  9. Well , hopefully its just the carrier spring. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Jlane, in my case, I have to push the carrier down manually via the ejection port to bring the bolt forward. Mr. Benelli has answered my inquiries, one Rep says its normal, just find it weird when a company design a shotgun that you need to push the carrier manually to close a the bolt. Nick S, I pick up some parts at Stoeger Canada ( Benelli Distributor up North), Breech Lock Latch and Pin, Carrier Spring and Latch. also showed the SBE to the in house gunsmith, and he said not worry about as long it doesnt happen while shooting,. to make the story short nobody know what's going on. lol
  11. Already have a post for this -SBE concern/ problem, decided to post it here again . got my SBE just around first week of December and it seems its working okay, although it doesnt 100% cycle on the 2 3/4 drams , but fine with the 3 drams. replaced the recoil spring and now will shoot everything. When I depressed the carrier activator ( silver tab) and pull back the bolt, the bolt locks up at the rear, push the bolt release tab, the bolt moves forward. which I believed is normal. However, even without depressing the silver tab and or pulling the trigger, when pulling the bolt back to rear the bolt get stuck at the rear and the carrier is in up or raised position. I have to manually push the carrier down via the ejection port to release or let the bolt go forward because even the bolt release tab wont release the bolt from the rear. It doesnt happen while shooting, only doing this when I maually cycle the action without any ammo/ shells.. Contacted Benelli about it, what I got are different answers. lol, one Rep says its normal, weired I guess. The only time the bolt stays at the rear or the action will stay open is when you depressed the silver tab and pull back the bolt to the rear, or when the gun is running empty. Correct me if I'M wrong. Hoping to hear from you Gents
  12. Steve, At what distance you zeroed your scope, just got the scope a day ago, was scanning all the papers/ info manuals from the manufacturer, and base on their BDC the scope zeroed at 100yrds/ meters.
  13. I was on the very nice list that I'm getting the Swarvoz8i 1-8, its on the mail as we speak. with regards to mount, although its backordered ( 2-3 weeks) I will go with the ADM H mount, found the Larue 135 in one of the dealers, but price up here North is not affordable.
  14. I had the chance to shoot the gun again the other day, now the bolt occassionally get stacked at the rear, wont go back to close. originally my problem was when cycling the bolt manually ( unloaded) the bolt or action stays open and the carrier is in the up position, I have to push down the carrier manually by the ejection port to bring the bolt forward. this happens when just cycling the action.
  15. Merry Christmas if i cycle the action without full force ( unloaded gun)the carrier occasionally stays up, i just push it down and the action / bolt will close by itself. This doesnt do when I'm shooting or cycling the action with gusto. The SBE hasnt seen more than 100 rnds, basically new. , thanks
  16. Hows the ADM Recon H mount,
  17. Hi as the title says, is it bad idea?, dont care of the looks, but more on stability. I am using right now a 1.50" height mount, and find it a little uncomfortable especially on the back on my neck, I found a riser made by Valada at .250" and that would make a total of 1.750" which I would think ideal for me. Larue and ADM makes 1.93", not sure if it might be too high too. any pros and cons when using a higher mount when shooting prone. Used to have a Eotech G33 magnifer which has a 1.750" centerline height, and find it very good for my shooting positioning. . Even my T1 on a Larue 660 mount has centerline of 1.64" is not that bad at all . However the iron sights which is 1.40" is not my ideal height. Thanks
  18. Oh well, I cant help it but placed my order for the Swarvo Z8i 1-8 BRT, pretty close too of going to VX6, but have have second thoughts especially here up North we are in the Mercy of the Distributor, we dont have easy access to a quick customer service here. and its not cheap either if I want to upgrade or change something. will just make sure mommy wont see the invoice. lol, wish me luck.
  19. I was hoping you gonna say some cons lol, I will get in touch with the dealer this Friday, crossing my fingers that the buyer of my Razor wont back out, he promised to pick up this Thursday, what can you say gents about the VX6 1-6 CDS Firedot BDC Multigun, i"M not comparing it with the Swarvo in any way, but just your opinions of the scope. The price is very tempting. Most of the feedbacks I reads is the illumination is a hit and miss.
  20. Any updated info on this scope, Actual experience in the range. pretty close in pulling the trigger on this one,
  21. I with the price difference between the Swaro 1-6 and Leupold VR6 MultiGun 1-6x24 CDS Firedot BDC, not sure now if will go ahead with the Swarvo. No experience between the 2 scopes and haven't even seen either one. The only thing thats an issue for my Razor is its weight. Maybe somebody can share their actual experience.
  22. Hi If I will be nice , Santa would bring me a Swarvo 1-6 this Christmas ( on sale at $1800), so its a good time to start doing some inquiries about Mounts and Throw Levers. Right now I have the Bobro extended mount on my Razor, happy with it but wish I could have something that let the center of the scope seat a little bit higher, not sure if its a good idea though. Base on Bobro specs, the center height is around 1.50", most common height for this type of mount, Would be interested if a company make somewhere around 1.75". . Any recommendation of throw levers and mounts, QD mounts necessary? thanks
  23. Thanks Paul, so I guess the SA gas block will fit either the KMR Alpha ( 10oz)1.30 ID same as Solo or the Geissele MK4 although 4oz.heavier(15oz), still haven't what forearm to get.
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