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  1. I am super interested in these comps. looking for general feedback to get the right equipment, guns etc. I dont mind running my 3gun AR but figure AR pistol or super light is best. Also see everything covered in sand, figured I should pick up a glock or p320 (dont want to drag my STI DVC though the dirt) Overall thoughts? What plate carrier you running? Any certain gear i should have and not have? Gun recommendations? Thanks all.
  2. so mt comparison only includes the strike eagle which was useless during the day, the viper and the razor claim to have the same red dot, i havent used a razor in competition only looked through it in a friends house, but the viper red dot was easily seen in bright daylight at the 11 setting. maybe someone else can chime in, but for $500-600 i think nits the best value
  3. MLOK for me as its combination of looks comfort and accessories, quad rails are just simply unnecessary at this point i believe, I am a 3 gun shooter so minimalisting has been the theme. I run a mlok forend or both my ARs with a strike industries SI link and im done. If you have specific accessories that are only available in one or the other then obviously that could be the choice. But MLOK seems to be the standard nowadays from what I have seen, and lets be honest, keymod looks like the storage rack mounts from the home depot What are you building it for?.
  4. This is true I made a mistake here. So the 10 tube is what makes sense to stuff 2 on the buzzer. For some reason 10 was in my brain Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just used it first time live 3 gun over the weekend and LOVE it. The red dot is perfect and I like the cross hairs. I didn’t have any real distance targets but so far so good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. i bought the viper gen 2 1-6x because of the great price and the red dot setting, most of my comps are sub 200yrd shots but i feel like its one of the best values out there does anyone else have one?
  7. My first and only 2011 is the first DVC in 9mm and have been unbelievably impressed, i do have a friend with an nemesis and its also incredible. For me the value of the dvc (2400) was the best I could find. a heavier grip would be cool although i really like everything about it. i added an extended mag release, the new one look just as amazing although i cant imagine much of a difference.
  8. i had the Smith performance center and absolutely loved it, only sold to upgrade to 2011 and move out of single stack but still sad i dont have it at times. look for the ones made in maine seem to be better
  9. can you share the video? that is a good idea, ive done all of mine with a couple levels and just rechecking a ton, although i dont feel 100% confident.
  10. I run both an STI and iM& P. I shoot well with either or at least well for myself but I do like the heavier gun better feel like follow-up shots are quicker that being said I lose a lot of times to glocks and other plastic guns LOL. Just practice with what you have Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. i have read pretty much every post here on this and have been torn, m3k seems to be best value, i would want it fullly customized, seems like moa precision is the way, breda would be a yes also if I could actually find one, and the benelli 3gun is in stock locally ready to go (tube). sold a 930 a few weeks ago and have been dragging my feet in making a decision. A friend of mine is letting me borrow a stoeger for the weekend so that will help me figure it out. did you customize the stoeger? dont mean to off track this post
  12. A friend of mine locally who is an artist and had just got into shooting last year. I had built this frankengun and let him just do whatever he wanted. I just said I like star wars haha. Google has some awesome fett guns and hes was inspired from there. This is all duracoat but he has since graduated to a cerakote setup etc. He has mainly just done a few of his guns but he has a knack for it. His instagram is @firearm_customz_by_vouli
  13. One of my goals is Hard As Hell for sure. This is my first season at 3gun, looking for the right shotty i think im ready to practice a ton for that. Hoping next year!
  14. Oh man this is embarrassing.... and completely true lol. Even lol is a mess damn 2018 millennial mindsets... I'm just used to Siri doing it for me.... "Hey Siri! Please deliver horse head to...." Change of mindset: "If you are going to write it, write it right"
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