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  1. 126mm STI tube plus Grams guts and tti 7mm base pad should get you 18 rounds of .40. This is my ccw setup.
  2. redbird1976

    Spare parts?

    Definitely keep a couple of slide stops in addition to the previously mentioned items.
  3. I've done the conversion a couple of times. You'll need a complete. 40 upper which will run $700-800 depending on what parts and extra tools you'll have to buy. You'll need to thin the .45 ejector to be able it run the .40 slide on the .45 frame. You can also replace the ejector. If you like to tinker it's a fun project, but as others have said you'd likely be happier selling the .45 and buying the new 40.
  4. The only things I can think of are: 1. The mainspring is binding a little on the hammer strut. 2. The pivot points on the trigger bar and or the trigger are dragging a little. I'd pull the mainspring and reinstall it. Make sure it's all the way into the plug. Check the hammer strut for a burr. If neither of those. Look and see if the trigger bar is dragging on the frame. Check and make sure it pivots freely on the trigger.
  5. Did you re-lube all the contact points when you put it back together?
  6. 6.5 -6.7 grains of Longshot should get you where you want to be.
  7. My recommendation is the Double Alpha holster. You can move a more vigorously without dumping the gun on the ground than some of the other designs. It is super smooth. It does take some fiddling to get it set right. You have to be patient with when you set it up. Make sure you loctite the set screws when you get it positiioned where you want it.
  8. I've used a modified CR Speed on the ELS mount with good success. My current set up is a Double Alpha Racemaster on the ELS mount. You will likely have to modify the holster to mate it to the ELS mount.
  9. 6.1 grains of Longshot with the 180's loaded to 1.125" should be a 172 or 173 power factor. I tried lower and my extreme spreads were too erratic. 6.1grns provided a consistent standard deviation and the added recoil was minimal.
  10. +1 on the Dawson and drilling for the pin.
  11. A smooth front strap with grip tape works wonders. Just make sure the grip tape runs just under the edge of the grips or it will want to curl up a little in the bend near the bottom of the grip frame.
  12. I've never had an issue with it. I clean mine a couple times per year. 165gr .40 BBI's have worked great for me. I use a slow powder (Longshot) and have a fairly light taper crimp on them.
  13. There's tab on the trigger bar that has to run across the firing pin safety in the slide. I guess if the sear resets before the bar crosses the FPB it would cause the malfunction you are talking about. I'd let somebody check it out to be sure.
  14. How's the grip length compared to the P-07?
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