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  1. I'm really interested in this. At least up until the last two days he was in the lead by a nice margin.
  2. He did have a malfunction that cost him the _silver_ medal. Eric was too far ahead (he won Ben by 90+ match points)
  3. When I press down on the top of the slide of my CZ SP-01 Shadow (especially near the front sight), I can hear a very distinct "klack" and feel the slide move down a little. The gun still groups ok I guess (I'm not a good group shooter). Is this normal, anyone else's Shadow have a loose fit? Thanks!
  4. Neat ideas, I never would have thought to have them engraved but it's what I'll probably go for. Thanks!
  5. Sorry I didn't chime back earlier! Turns out the issue was the depriming rod that had somehow misaligned itself and was being bent on every press stroke. You can guess what happened to the rod. Hornady was kind enough to send me a new one, and I hope that when I set it up again the issue will be solved.
  6. I'm looking for ideas on how to mark (ie number) my cz shadow magazines. I'm shooting ipsc in production division, so no grip tape for me. Thanks for the ideas (and hopefully pics or links)!
  7. I've put about 2000 rounds of 9mm through a co-owned LNL AP (someone else set it up, I know next to nothing about it). By the end of the last session I had a worsening issue, where the ram would go all the way up (with maybe a tiny bit more force than usual), but would be very very difficult to get down again. I really had to lift the shaft, and often the ram would get unstuck violently, tossing some powder out of the case in the fourth position. It didn't do it on every single round, but almost all of them. I think I may have narrowed it down to the sizing/depriming die. I did check that the die was tight (it has the quick-remove system where you only have to turn 1/8). I couldn't figure out what it was, and stopped reloading because it felt "wrong", like I had to use too much force. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Hey I just got back from the range, I was test firing my loads for PF, accuracy and point of impact. As I finished shooting all the rounds, I realized I didn't wear shooting glasses for the whole time. The thing is, I'm ordering a new front sight for my gun with a fixed rear sight (I want to keep it that way). I'd like to order it as soon as possible, and I don't have any of the test ammo left. Now onto my question: does wearing shooting glasses (ones that have no prescription) change the point of impact, and if so, is it significant? FWIW, the gun shot 7,5cm (3 inches) high at 20m/yd, so based on that I would definitely be ordering a different height sight from the one I have now.
  9. Hey I just got a new SP-01. I'm loving the gun, except for the "crowded" sight picture. I'd like the front sight to be narrower and have a smaller fiber optic rod. I'm pretty much happy with the rear sight, but wouldn't mind changing that as well if need be. What sights do you recommend? I have next to zero gunsmithing skills, so I'd like it to be as "drop in" as possible. Thanks!
  10. A thousand thanks! Very clear instructions and to the point. And yes, I already bought the holster. No worries, I'm sure I'll fix it up with those instructions.
  11. Bump Please guys, any day now I will do something to the holster I may regret, with or without advice... =)
  12. That's the closest thing I found with search. Problem is, it's almost as vague as the instructions that came with the holster. Could someone who, preferrably, has done a conversion or seen one done explain it more specifically. Where exactly do I drill, how deep etc. A picture of a converted CR Speed would be awesome! Thanks guys! Man it's been a while since I last visited here...
  13. If you're talking per gallon, you've got it EASY! I just calculated what I pay for gasoline, found out it's around $7,2 per US gallon... And the Euro is actually strong now.
  14. I'm short (5' 7''), and while I feel it gives me some advantage with low ports, I'd still rather be an inch or two taller. Not only for the girls but I've found leaning around a wall (REALLY common where I shoot) very difficult at times. My teammate is tallish (6'3'') and he always gets better times when leaning as he doesn't have to break his stance as much. Many taller shooters complain that stages usually favor shorter people. While often true, some stages clearly favor taller people with more reach, and I've found tall shooters to be really quiet on these stages about favoring
  15. cz75ipsc


    Just thought I'd chime in here, without having read Bassham's or Kirsch's books. Apparently Saul says that you should simulate a big match when shooting a club match (by making a bet or something). I kind of do the opposite: I try to get as comfortable at a big match as I do in a club match. I'm not thinking it's a big match, just that they're all just matches, in this one I just get to shoot more stages. It has worked for me.
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