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  1. Looks great! Do most use simple green or something specifically for gun part cleaning like the Lyman stuff?
  2. Do you ever have issues with loosing zero on your optic? I am new to MPX and recently cleaned tappet & gas plug (after 500 rounds) and zero was fine, but I'm wondering if I need to check zero every single time...? Thx, Allen
  3. Did you have to do anything special to get 49 rounds in? Did you use the factory spring or one from TF. I can barely get 44 rounds in using the spring provided by TF. Currently trying to load them up as far as I can, leaving for a couple of days and then unload reload. After 2 cycles I was able to go from 43 to 44. Thx
  4. UPDATE: I'm done with the Guard. I bought an MPX and am moving on - it seems to be running fine out of the box with a mixture of PFs from 132 to 155 and OALs from 1.100" to 1.135". no problems with any of my reloads. I was finally able to get out and do some testing with another shooters mags and ammo. For some reason my ammo wouldn't feed on full mags in either gun and his ammo would feed fine on full mags in both guns and both mags. He was running the red bullets and I am running Montana golds. OAL is pretty much the same. So while I do feel my ammo is the problem I have just lost confidence in the gun - at least for now. I was able to get it to run reliably with less than 36 rounds loaded. Any more than that and it has problems. So I will probably sell it and let someone else fiddle with the loads. I really like the ease of cleaning vs the MPX and the recoil. Bottom line: The problem appears to be my reloads, but I have tried PFs from 132 to 155 and OALs from 1.100" to 1.135". I'm thinking it must be the bullet profile or something.
  5. Thx. I'm not messing with my existing mags any more as they work 100% in my blowback gun - I've literally never had a problem with them, not once. So I don't think it is the mags, but I will go through the process of using my buddies guard with my mag and my mags in his guard to see what happens. If my mags run fine in his Guard then I know 100% its the gun...
  6. After I got it back it still had the same problem. Sent in a slow mo video to CMMG and they thought the bolt was moving too fast so I installed the heaviest weight from their tuning kit with the same problem. I'm still not able to run fully loaded 40 round mags. Been too busy with a new job to meet a friend at the range to swap mags and parts to see what the real issue is. CMMG is trying to work with me, but my use case (USPSA competitive shooter) probably isn't in their roadmap. The CMMG people I talk to are great and they listen and try to help, but the problem is that I ordered the gun for competition last November and still have yet to be able to use it due to reliability issues. Hopefully I can do some testing with a friend next week, but if I can't get a resolution after that I'm going to buy a Sig MPX as I need something to run that will have less recoil than my blowback gun.
  7. Yup. Really trying to find out why the 41 round mags work 100% (not 99.99999% - I've actually NEVER had a failure) in my $600 PSA gun, but not in the more expensive CMMG. I love competing and can't be competitive if I have to reload during a stage and all other competitors don't have to. I chose this gun because I didn't want to go the Sig MPX route. Right now, I'm wishing I had. LOL Seriously though, I do appreciate you taking the time to comment. Any frustration you notice in my reply isn't directed at anyone on this forum (especially you), because everyone is super helpful and supportive as I work through this. It's just that I ordered this gun last November and have sent it back twice for two other problems (which have been fixed) and now I'm facing a third problem... Right now it's a paperweight to me because I only plan to shoot it in competition... LOL - definitely a first world problem.
  8. I’m still having fail to feed on fully loaded 41 round mags. Tried all weights without any change. Tried different power factor loads, OAL, etc. Have sent it back twice now... once mag is downloaded to around 34-35 rounds runs fine. I have a friend with a guard guard and now I need to meet up with him and swap mags, etc to see if it’s mags or the gun.
  9. I don’t have hearing aids yet, but I will need them at some point. I love my sordin supreme muffs, but don’t love using them with long guns. I have molded plugs and like shooting with them but can’t hear Range commands well with them in. So I tend the partially remove one and often forget the replug which is really bad. I have tried non molded electronics (soundgear and walkers) but they just don’t seal well in my ears. So I’m biting the bullet and spending the $1,500 on custom fits - likely the pro ears pro fit line.
  10. Quick Update: Complete rifle shipped back to CMMG to see if they can figure out what's going on. Left my hyperfire trigger and ambi safety installed in the off chance that has something to do with it (but I doubt it). Anyway, super nice folks to deal with, but I hope this gets corrected once and for all this time. Fingers crossed...
  11. He didn't go into details and I didn't press. I will post the results. It's been a long journey for me, but I hold out hope for a good resolution.
  12. Called CMMG and my OAL should be good. Said pretty much if it fits in a glock mag then the guard should eat it up. Sent them the pic and they said this issue "may" be similar to one they discovered and are working on. It's really nice to be able to talk with folks that are willing to listen to someone who wants to run a gun in competition and doesn't just give you the "run it stock with factory ammo" line. Cheers, Allen
  13. Thanks Bart. What OAL and bullet are you running? 33 rounds and below function fine, but I need more testing time to be sure. 37ish and above rounds fail consistently as shown above (could be resistance or bullet angle under spring pressure). Even releasing locked bolt on a full 40 round mag is inconsistent. Will try loading some dummy rounds for bolt locked release testing at home. Also will take a box of factory 9mm to test in fully loaded mags.
  14. Thx. Yes - real glock mags that run perfectly in my blowback PCC. Would rather fix the problem with ammo or the gun than modify working mags...
  15. Terrible day at the range today. Couldn't get the guard to feed properly. I increased my powder charge to see how it would perform with stock spring, but on full 31 round mags with TF +10's it would not feed worth a crap. Also tried my MBX mega with the same problems. Once the mags were downloaded to 30ish they seemed to feed OK. Both mags function full (I only load to minus 1 from max) flawlessly in my blowback PCC. I've attached a picture of the malfunction (yeah, i removed the dust cover). The tip of the bullet is dented, which likely means its hitting the top of the chamber. The rim of the case is getting also mangled\chopped away by the bolt lugs. Any ideas? Could it be my OAL of 1.130-1.135"? What is everyone else running for OAL? Unfortunately I got a call that my daughter was heading to the ER and had to cut my range time short before I could even trouble shoot the problems. She's fine now, but it kept me from figuring out what happened.
  16. I weighed my buffer and it is also just under 3 oz.
  17. Thanks! That's exactly the info I was looking for. The CMMG lower comes stock with a heavy buffer and heavy spring. I will try a standard carbine spring and 4oz buffer - I bet it will run fine like that with lower PF loads.
  18. I think for standard ammo there isn’t any tuning required. Just us shooters looking to tweak for competition.
  19. Thx. What buffer weight are you running? Did you also change out the spring?
  20. I would remove and reinstall. Maybe try another tube if you have one. They said the buffer tube was misaligned and they removed it, reinstalled it, and test fired it. They said they don’t measure every lower on their jig. It is perfect now. I didn’t have tools and was concerned that the receiver was out of spec and relieved that it wasn’t. Now it need to work on a softer spring and lighter buffer so I can run 130-135 pf loads. Currently it needs 150+ to cycle fully.
  21. I had heard this and forgotten. I will put some more rounds through it and test again. Thx.
  22. Thanks Nick. I developed this load for my blowback PCC and when I chrono'd it in a G17 it barely made 125PF. LOL
  23. Thx. I think they have it perfect for normal commercial ammo. I have some springs and weights to try out and am hoping to document what owners have done to get it tuned for minor PF loads. Cheers!
  24. I'm looking to use my lower power factor loads (124gr projectiles at 1100fps) but it isn't cycling the bolt well enough to eject rounds reliably). Cycling seems reliable at 1200fps... I would really like a 130-140PF load to run reliably... What are USPSA shooters doing to the Guard 9mm to allow them to run reliably at lower PFs? Has anyone replaced the stock buffer and spring in the 9mm guard? Or are folks just running hotter loads? Thanks much!
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