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  1. Joe L

    CZ P10 mod

    4# Glock striker spring and keepers, removed some material from the slide plate to keep it from hanging on the frame, LPA adjustable rear sight, some polishing of the trigger bar and block. Sugru on the grip, JB-Weld to hold the trigger safety in the flush position. This is not a match gun, range gun only. I'm waiting for CGW to release a bunch of parts, then I'll buy everything available and put a red dot on it and might shoot it in a local bullseye match, just like I've done with the P-09 and P-07. Joe
  2. Joe L

    My P10C mods

    Rowdyb, you might use some of your old Glock spring retainers with any of the Glock springs. I had the keepers come loose in my P-10C when using a Wolff 4 lb Glock spring with the CZ keepers. The inside diameter of the Wolff Glock spring is slightly larger than the CZ spring is what I think caused the keepers to get loose. I haven't measured the keepers to see if they are really different yet, but at least two folks have switched to the Glock retainers when using the Glock springs and haven't had a repeat failure, but we don't have many rounds down range yet either. Just a thought. Joe
  3. The usual problem with using a Kadet on a 75B frame for practice comes about when the host frame has a light hammer spring installed to reduce the DA trigger pull in DA/SA mode. If the 9mm slide is used in matches with a 13-15 lb hammer spring, then the Kadet slide is installed, missfires will result, due to the hight hammer spring. This is roughly 10% misfires with a 15 lb spring and unusable with a 13. With a 17 lb hammer spring, reliability is 100% if the ammo is good. For a couple of years, I changed the hammer spring and the slide at the same time, but that is more trouble than most people want to go to. I have since converted to single action only, leave the 17# spring in the gun all the time, and happily switch between 9mm and 22 as desired. But I only have 50k rounds through the Kadet and shoot it in bullseye matches with an Ultradot red dot sight mounted on a home-made rail. All good in 22 land. The Kadet is as accurate as a Ruger or any other fixed barrel design, but much more reliable feeding under match conditions. I can only remember one alibi in 3 years worth of matches with the Kadet. Yes, I won most of those (small, local) monthly matches. Joe
  4. Joe L

    CZ P10

    All I have done to a P-10C is install a 4 lb Glock firing pin spring and an LPA adjustable rear sight from a 75B. Trigger pull is about 4.5 lbs now and very manageable. Here is a video from bullseye practice yesterday. Yes, I know it isn't a bullseye gun to most people. For me, maybe. P-10C 25 yard standing single hand 7-16-17 two targets Joe
  5. Joe L

    Why no love for the P09?

    It's easy to fix the grip on the P-09 or any other polymer frame pistol. Here is a video I made on how I modified mine for bullseye shooting, starting with the minor changes on the 75B and getting to the latest P-07 bullseye gun. pistol grip modification video Joe
  6. Joe L

    Why no love for the P09?

    I agree that the ergonomics aren't for everyone. I modified the grip and the trigger reach on two P-09s using Sugru and JB-Weld to get it closer to a 75B shape and reach. But the mechanical lock up and resulting accuracy cannot be beat in a production gun, in my opinion. I've shot mine in bullseye matches for a year and have many videos of excellent results at 100 and 200 yards. I haven't ever had any "bad" results at long distances with my original $400 used P-09, and I've won several local friendly bullseye matches with it, much to the consternation of my custom 1911 shooting buddies. There are more videos than people have time to watch at youtube joemustang99. Joe
  7. Joe L

    97B"E" at 100 yards

    No. We shoot single hand standing at 25 and 50 yards. Very different discipline than run and gun. Single hand standing at 50 yards is quite humbling, at least in my case. Shooting at 100 from a bench is just something I do when I want to try something a little different. I also have some nerve and muscle damage in my left hand so that my two handed grip on the bench looks a little different than most also. Here is a video of a normal bullseye training session with a 22 and the same .45 I shot in the 100 yard video. 25 yard bullseye with Kadet and CZ-97 Joe
  8. Joe L

    97B"E" at 100 yards

    BCP--Yes, I've tried supports under the dust cover and they don't work for me either. I find that I fight the rest to get the sight lined up. I seem to be able to control the pistol better with it not touching anything and my wrists on the rest. I don't have to add or subract any tension that way, so it is easier for me to pull the trigger without moving the gun. I've shot out to 200 yards with a wrist rest with good results many times (9-12" five shot groups with a 9mm). The limitation to me seems to be to duplicate the dot position for each shot and then not move the gun as I pull the trigger. I can see my heartbeat move the dot slightly even at 100 yards. Shooting long distances with a pistol is certainly a separate shooting discipline, and it helps me with bullseye skills just because it reinforces the fundamentals at a very slow shooting pace, and it is the perfect diversion from rigid bullseye training. Thanks for your comments. Joe
  9. Joe L

    97B"E" at 100 yards

    I get bored shooting bullseye practice at times, so I go shoot the pistols at 100 or 200 yards. Yesterday was one of those days. My eyesight wasn't good enough for tight groups with the open sight P-10C, so I got out the CZ-97B"E" with the 3 moa red dot and hung a B-8C target near the top of the frame at 100 yards, went back to the bench, fired off 5 rounds, went and placed a fresh target over the (6") group, turned on the cameras and went back to the bench and fired off 10 more rounds. The aim point is maybe 18" above the target and out of the video frame. Here is the result. 100 yards 7-2-17 CZ-97 This pistol has a CGW 1911 style fitted bushing in the slide. This is my bullseye match gun. Atlanta Arms 185 gr JHP, same as I use in a bullseye match. This was a good result for me, as good as my P-09 and 75B (with a CGW bushing). Joe
  10. I've got close to 700 rounds through my P-10C. Runs perfectly on 130 PF Atlanta Arms and Rem UMC ammo. The trigger dingus was a little over protective and didn't fit flush with the trigger face and I fixed that. Other than that, just shoot and lube. I've shot one 2" group at 50 yards off a wrist rest. Accuracy is not a problem. Nothing is really a problem. I put a Glock 4 lb trigger pin spring in it, pull is 4.5 lbs at the break, still a lot of creep, but a smooth trigger. I haven't done any internal trigger bar polishing yet. The slide lock and mag releases were pretty stiff initially, and are fine now. Joe
  11. I have consistently shot under 2" at 50 yards from a wrist rest with a 75B 9mm slide that was only good for 4-6" before the CGW bushing. Here is a group from last week. I changed the zero on the red dot after this. Joe
  12. No slide stop failures on a couple of P-09s yet. I put in CGW trigger return springs, but the same spring is used in the 75 and P series guns, so I am assuming the failure rate will be the same. There are some parts coming out later this year to eliminate the trigger spring issues, I hope. But I only have a little over 10k rounds through the P-09. I've been shooting a CZ-97 more lately. Joe
  13. Joe L

    Opinions on CZ97B

    I have a 97B with the "E" barrel bushing and conversion to SAO by CGW. I use it for bullseye matches. I have long skinny fingers so the large grip is a bonus to me. I put some CZ rubber grips on it, then fattened up the grips a little more with Sugru and added some grip tape. Trigger was easy to tune to the required 3.5 lbs minimum. It is 100% reliable with 185 gr JHP Atlanta Arms ammo. Good groups. The gun is large and heavy, just what I want. Too much so for a lot of folks, however. Here are a few videos out to 100 yards, and the group size is pretty much dependent up the shooter's ability to place a red dot at the same place every round. The gun is good for well under 2" at 50 yards from a rest. Almost as good as a P-09, LOL. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7GbOFIiTV0wwMk4-4SokhrBLpz9ckRcz Highly recommended, IF the size and reach and weight are suitable for you. Joe
  14. Joe L

    P09 open Minor

    Golly, those P-09's look great!! I shot one with a Burris FF3 3moa in bullseye matches all of 2014. Fine firearm. Joe
  15. I have over 40k rounds through a 75B frame with CGW hammer and sear and the pull and reliability and feel have not changed over the years. I do think the heat treating and the metallurgy on these parts helps. I don't have any concerns at all about the longevity of these parts. I expect to pass them on to my sons. Any chance you need a new sear spring too? I can't imagine a new hammer and sear wearing that fast at all, no matter what the metallurgy and heat treatment they have. Is the slide movement to the rear far enough for the hammer to move far enough to allow the sear to catch it? Did the new parts create a timing issue that didn't exist before? Can you duplicate the problem dry fire? Usually if a sear/hammer won't work in live fire, I can duplicate it in the shop, unloaded. Perhaps try to duplicate the problem in slow motion. Also try cocking the gun with the slide, then push on the hammer from the rear. Can you make the sear slide off the hammer hooks by pushing the hammer from the rear. I am assuming you had some hammer follow issues before you replaced the sear and hammer and then, when you examined the parts, you saw that the sear was worn on the edges due to dragging it over the hammer due to the overtravel adjustment. But could you make the hammer drop with those parts, before you changed them out? I am just wondering if the worn hammer and sear were the culprit to begin with or whether you had something going on in addition to the worn sear? That's all I can come up with. Full disclosure--I've messed up every factory 75 and P series sear I've tried to modify myself and stick with CGW or CZ Custom parts now, the geometry is just too sensitive for amateurs, in my opinion. Even amateurs with good success with 1911 and SIG pistols. In other words, yes, I have some experience creating hammer follow in 75 pistols, all resolved with the credit card tool. Hope you figure it out. Joe
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