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  1. I have to agree with this statement completely. My AR shoots way softer than my PCC and can be held much looser without having dot movement.
  2. Unconventional shooting positions where it is easier to hold the rifle without canting it, small ports such as the horizontal slots in a VTAC barricade, small targets where magnification isn’t wanted because of the smaller field of view, an example of this being longer headshots. This is what works for me.
  3. I recently went from a Burris 1-8 xtr II to a Vortex 1-6 Razor. Found I didn’t need the extra magnification even with my older eyes. Other considerations were weight savings, better field of view, and primarily the more forgiving eye box. I shoot open so have a red dot on a 45 degree mount but still use the rifle on 1 power at times and again the better eye box helps.
  4. I run a few shotgun only matches and the shooters that bring Mossbergs usually finish the match with the Stoeger I bring for anyone to use.
  5. I've tried the MARRS buffer and the Kynshot buffer. Once the buzzer went off I really couldn't tell much difference. I found once I just picked a buffer/spring combination and load and spent my time practicing my scores got better.
  6. I get it from 49th Cartridge Company here in Fairbanks Alaska who is a distributor and he was told directly from Shooters World that it is in short supply. I'm not an expert on these things but from what I understand there is a shortage of nitrocellulose for manufacturing gunpowder.
  7. I run a Brekkecustom 16 inch barrel of which 4 inches is compensator and get an average velocity of 1175 with Berry 115 for a power factor of 135 with 3.9 grains of Clean Shot.
  8. My strategy also. If brass is dirty clean first with Dawn. Most of the brass I get is from an indoor range so I skip the Dawn and just go straight to the Armor All wash and wax. Then into a food dehydrator. Ready to load with a minimum of time.
  9. I ordered one from Whidden thinking I would be waiting for the Dillon and the Dillon arrived yesterday. Took about 3 weeks.
  10. The Dillon Reloading Equipment Section has a lot of good Dillon Information.
  11. I called Dillon today to order a steel .223 trim die and they said 2-3 month wait. I load in the winter so not in a hurry.
  12. I've had one on my game gun for about a year without any issues. Don't have any experience with the PWS.
  13. My comment was made a year ago when they weren't available fanboy. Don't be to lazy to read the post dates or is the concept of time too difficult for you to understand. Reading comprehension obviously not a strength of yours.
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