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  1. New SVI for me. Like mentioned above the SVI's seem to hold there shape better. I have also ran MBX with no problems
  2. I use the Double Tap Sports mount. It's two sided and seems very solid. I think Infinity used to use them on there builds until they started making there own in house.
  3. I owned one for about a year. I done some polishing on trigger parts and replaced the adjustable rear with a fixed. I put a steel Magwell from Canyon Creek for weight. It was reliable and accurate. If you like the platform it's a solid choice.
  4. I have used both and for shooting 9major the DPP makes ejection much easier to tune. I also like the way it zeros and battery life. The bigger lense of the slide ride is the only advantage and that really hasn't been an issue for me.
  5. I have used 125 coated and they worked. I had to clean my DPP lense more often and the comp built up deposits faster. I just went back to Precision Delta for the ease of use.
  6. This should explain it. I had to do this mod to my CK framed open gun
  7. If your looking for more gas try some AA7 with a 124
  8. I think this is the best way to try and achieve what your looking for without permanent mods to the gun. I think you will be pleased with your choice.
  9. I started out competing with a 1911 45 and shot one for years. My last single stack gun was a 40 and I cant tell much difference in recoil, other than shooting 230 grain in 45 feels a little softer but has more roll in recoil. I didn't have any trouble with reliability with mine and stage times would not be any different with either.
  10. I have shot both. I shot open for years and still prefer it, but carry optics is fun and not hard on the pistol like open. My only draw back is I don't shoot production type guns as well as I do a 2011 platform. If you are comfortable shooting production guns then it might be better, although there is nothing like ripping down a stage in open at major power factor.
  11. I like the EGW kit. I just recently tried a X-Line trigger and really like it. The shoe is adjustable, so you can try different pull lengths
  12. Same here with STI or SV tubes. I never could get a 4g to work and the 3G took some work to fit the guage
  13. RTS2 and Deltapoint Pro. The RTS2 may be a little bigger but they have different shaped glass so it's probably a wash. The RTS2 glass is more round like a traditional cmore slideride. Some people that have shot open with a slideride prefer the RTS2 for that reason. I used a slideride in open for years and I personally didn't have a problem with the Deltapoint glass. I use a Deltapoint on my carry optics and open gun.
  14. SV 170mm tube TT 3G base pad TT followers
  15. http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/225864-sv-mags-on-sti-frame This thread should explain what you need to do to run SVI mags in an STI framed gun
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