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  1. So far the best deal I have found on 38 short colt brass is at Midway where i got 200 Starline for $50 shipped. Anyone know of any better deals??
  2. Is there any advantage to using Starline brass over trimmed 38spl brass as long as the 38spl brass was a brand which fits my moonclips?
  3. Can I reload 38 short colt with my existing Lee 357 dies possibly using a 9mm die to expand and charge the case??
  4. I have a used R8 coming and need holster and moonclip suggestions. What is a good brass and mooncilp combination for general purpose competition 38 short colt loads? Has anyone tried the Speed Beez 8 shot .38 moons??
  5. In a couple weeks I am going to buy a Commander size 9MM 1911 mainly for defensive pistol matches and as a range toy.At this point I am considering a Magnum Research 1911c, Springfield Range Officer Champion or Ruger SR1911 LW Commander. I have seen the ZENITH ZIG PCS9 in stainless for $450 and am very tempted but for that price leery. Does anyone have any experience with this gun or series 80 Tisas guns? If so how are the triggers? I have done a lot of research on Tisas today and while I have read some negative things I would say most of what I have seen ash been rather positive.Any input would be appreciated.
  6. Aside from two extra rounds what is the difference between the Ten and Twelve round magazines for these guns? To get the extra two rounds in the ten round magazine does anyone know if they use a different follower, different spring or both?? I just bought one and would like to convert the two ten round magazines that came with it to twelve rounds if possible.
  7. I believe he was an attorney who did revolver revolver modifications in his spare time and had quite a following. More than likely the income disparity between attorney and professional gunsmith (depending on how good you are at either) stopped him from persuing it as a career.
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