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  1. Sorry, euxx, I don't see where this report is in the app. Can you give me a clue, please?
  2. I thought I'd ask here hoping that someone has already encountered this problem and new the fix. I rarely bother the folks that develop this product (or, others for that matter) for something that may be obvious or trivial; I'm sure they've got better things to do. FYI, I used "Subminor" and got the "S" abbreviation, which I can live with. But, if it uses the first letter, why doesn't "Single Stack" use "S" as well? Thanks for the replies.
  3. Sure. I run a winter league that's not affiliated with USPSA, but uses the USPSA rules. My goal when starting this winter league (in '95) was so I couild have a place to shoot, and to give new shooters an "exposure" to this type of match. It's the second part that I'm talking about. Rather than require new shooters to have (or purchase) a gun that shoots a cartridge that meets Minor PF - just to try it - I use a "Light" PF of 5/3/2/1 or a ".22RF" PF of 4/2/1/1 so they can bring what they already own. If they like it, fine. If not, they aren't our many $$ just to try it. I've gotten some folks to start shooting USPSA matches this way. I'm currently using a spreadsheet scoring program, but would like to use PractiScore. I've used the "Subminor" PF, but the shooter get 0 points for the match. That's not acceptable, to me. I *can* use the "results" data from the match, re-format it for input to my spreadsheet and accomplish this, but that's not the route I want to use. Any suggestions would be very helpful (you've already saved me a bunch of frustration on the "hot range" subject!). Thanks.
  4. I entered a new division in PractiScore, "Light" and initially it worked fine. But when I checked the results, it was changed to "L" which is "Limited." What's happening? Are there hidden rules for new division names?
  5. Since the USPSA notice that EzWinScore is out, and PractiScore is in, I've been playing with the latest version by using data from an existing match (scored by paper and a spreadsheet program). The spreadsheet allows us to add more than the Major/Minor power factors, as well as the target zone values, and get a match score for the shooter. Is there any way to do this with PractiScore. [Got great help on another question - hoping for more! ]
  6. The title isn't quite correct (text space limitations). What I'd like to know is how to quickly/efficiently to enter a shooter's scores on two stages before the next shooter. Here's why. We typically combine two stages on a single range, or bay: a short and quick stage and a classifier. The stages are staggered so that the shooter shoots the quick stage, then moves "hot" to the starting position of the classifier. The classifier start position is downrange of the targets of the quick stage so they can be scored while the shooter is doing the classifier. Hence stages 1 and 2. When the shooter has shot the classifier and the range is clear, the classifier is scored, everyone moves uprange of the quick stage and the next shooter comes to the starting position of the quick stage. What we've got is shooter 1 shootes stage 1 then 2. Shooter 2 shootes stage 1 then 2. And so on. We found that switching between stages to score the same shooter was cumbersome and prone to errors. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. I'm going to look into that, too. Thanks for the great ideas!
  8. I'll look into that. Do you have any concerns about tripping over them?
  9. We used to use duct tape, but it wouldn't pull up easily and would leave a sticky footprint. That's why the change to painters tape. But like RecoilJunkie pointed out, it tears too easily. I'd never heard of gaffers tape, so I looked it up. Pricey! But it might be what we need. Don't know about using something as "big" as 2x2s but furring strips (1x2s) or lathe might work. Thanks for the comments.
  10. I'm looking for ideas to use for fault lines and shooting boxes for indoor matches on a smooth concrete floor. Currently, I'm using foam pipe insulation that I split in half lengthwise. These are taped onto the floor using painter's tape, but they can be (and are) pushed by the shooters' feet so the lines are ... bendable! I'd like something that is firmer and that would give some "feel" for the shooter. Plastic guides for cables and wires that are used in office traffic areas would be ideal, but at about $8 / 3' that's too expensive. My greatest concern is using something that the shooter could step on but would slide and cause a fall. What do some of you use for your matches?
  11. I understand, and appreciate your responses. Please, keep me in mind if in the future you're looking for something to do. I may try using EZWinScore to get the data. Being retired has it's advantages!
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