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  1. Just saw this is a shadow so it has that shorter throat. Should be fine but check any with 147 go plunk. Also that's a 1:10 or 16 twist barrel? Can't recall offhand. You may find around 4.8gr N320 to be your best 115HAP load. Play with the oal just a tiny bit given your short throat Not sure how long you can go. Power pistol and WSF(5.3gr of wsf was a good 115hap) is quite popular as well but second to the VV overall but doubt you can not get screaming accuracy from any of those. The HAP & XTP are considered the gold standard. The xtp being top by a very small edge. Many of thes
  2. If you are shooting official bullseye then you have short line 25y and long line 50y course of fire. While accuracy is paramount we mainly concentrate on the longline load and tend to go lightly and softer as shortline is easier. The 115 HAP is definitely the bullet or the xtp of same weight for absolute ultimate accuracy i.e. 50y load. The powder you want is VV N340 not 320 For max accuracy slow powders with snappy pressure vel in the 1225 range New brass or brass set thru a push thru die. Coke shaped cases do not achieve the very best accuracy.
  3. You sure they weigh the same as the stock I is a short dust cover and the II is a FL dust cover ? Not to mention the SI has a tradition barrel profile and the SII has the beefer cone. I know you loose a 1/4" in barrel length so maybe that does not work out to much increase but the DC difference I would think surely would. Its gotta be worth 3-4 oz no? Then again I have been wrong plenty before so........at least I am getting good at something LOL
  4. Elgin and Jay, Thank you guys very much. That is what I was looking for. Wanted to see what it would take to make them work to have options. Your right those EGD look great. Wish I could have both those looks and the grip friction like the Lok. But performance before looks is usually the way I go. Talking about the frames sure can be confusing as full size or comp frames do not give proper description because of how they have used the frames in various models. Competition frame would work if it was not for the Witness Elite Match which is one of
  5. Are the fire control parts the same in the Compact steel witness and the full size witness such as the Stock Series? Hammer Sear Trigger Bolo etc?
  6. Can someone that maybe has both post a pic of what the mis-match grips look like on the match vs standard TG frames? Where the gaps are etc?
  7. is it just the pic angle and shadowing or does it look like the rear lug is dragging upon the slide for some distance as its lowering and unlocking? The lugs are not clearing the slide as it unlocks and lowers? Looks like the 12oclock +/-5min to each side on the lug is dragging. Maybe its just the image?
  8. JE85, THANK YOU!!!! That right there is awesome measurement info. Exactly what is needed to know what needs to be done. Great!!
  9. I have been considering one of the Patriot barrels myself. Do not fret the barrel fitting on these guns. It is much simpler than on a 1911. Tech its even easier that a gunsmith fit on some of the striker fired guns. Your experience you will have no issues at all. Have actually been thinking about looking at one of the 40 cal barrels and use my 10mm reamer to get a nice match 10mm barrel for mine. I get fairly good groups but I am one of those always looking for more and I like my tools to fit to tight tolerances. What can I say I like consistency. Its not practical in terms of compet
  10. I have got to think there are some tolerance issues going on as too many people running the same ammo and spring combos some no issues ever others all sorts of sporadic issues. Glad the spring seems to have taken care of your issues.
  11. I have never considered to set up a M&P for open but seeing yours makes me really want to take my Pro Core Gen1 and make it a 9mm major. I normally do not like the look of the add on for open but your open gun looks great. I like how low that 90° mount gets you cmore. Did you tighten the slide to frame fit given the frame mount? Not to hijack this thread further so... Do you have a thread link where you go into the specs etc on your build?
  12. What you can see from the different recipes that seem to work is Any grease on the rails and any oil where needed and to keep her running. LOL I can not tell you how many times my firearms lube meant nothing more than going to the automotive section at Walmart. LOL Hell I bet I could get away with the filtered lard we just rendered from the cow we butchered for the yr. Personally what I prefer because it makes me feel better in low temps and all conditions is Xf7 grease and Slip 2K EWL oil. Its the combo that works great in all my guns handguns and ARs bolt alike.
  13. Will that reliably set off Win primers as well as Fed? I have always worried about the decreased DA hammer stroke. Your mod to the bolo seems to address that which gives me high hope it works with Win primers as well. Be nice to have such a light smooth DA that works with primers other than perfectly seated Feds Only. Then again all I have to do to cure by DA pull bitching is one range session with one of my J frames or if I am feeling extremely abusive one of the 22 MAG versions. Nothing a like a 15lb DA to make a smooth 7-8lb DA to feel like Gods gift. LOL
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