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  1. You could take a look at the Tristar p120. I have one in .40 that is actually a pretty sweet shooter for the price.
  2. Not sure if this helps much since its not coated bullet data. But last weekend I put together a few FMJs with sport pistol to just to see what I would get. Im almost ashamed to admit they were fired out of a S&W Sigma with a 4" barrel. Its my red headed step child of load testing guns. 180gr Armscor FMJ Mixed Brass CCI 500 Primer 1.125 OAL 4.2gr Sport Pistol High 815fps PF146 Low 797fps PF143
  3. These loads were shot out of a stock G20 Gen4. But they might help. Neither of these loads were a max charge weight so there should still be a little more room to bump the charge up. 135gn Nosler JHP 10.9gn Power Pistol Avg: 1441fps 135gn Nosler JHP 12.8gn AA7 Avg: 1322fps
  4. I didnt remove them. I just did a little sanding with them still attached to the magazine body.
  5. I had the same issue with those mags. The plastic baseplate is a bit wider than the factory metal one. The solution was to sand down the sides of the baseplate until the mag seated easily. You dont need to do anything to the front or rear of the baseplate...just the sides. If I remember correctly it was something like .020 that I had to remove from each side. You should still do a quick measurement of the width of the stock metal pad vs. the plastic ones to confirm how much material to remove. Measure, sand, test fit...repeat.
  6. Dang...and Ive been lurking here for 10 years and this is my first post. I think? I was pretty sure I had a few posts when I first joined. But my post count says zero. Not anymore! I got one now!
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