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  1. Tried the TTi Plus 0 9/40 basepads. With my new Trijicon night sights they fit but you gotta kind of wedge it in there. Kinda like compressing a rear sight to fit but instead you are pushing the mag up into the well just a hair to get it to fit. There a zero wiggle room with the TTi’s. They give you just a hair more pinky room than the UTG’s.
  2. Tried some UTG Plus zero ones from Amazon. They add .347 to stock. I had plenty of room to spare. I also changed out my sights to Trijicon Night sights which are slightly taller than stock I believe. I am going to try the TTI ones next. Have to drop the gun off to the smith to have the barrel flush cut and crowned next week.
  3. Ok I have been playing a bit more with my 26 and box. I am pretty sure a flush cut barrel will allow the use of the medium sized beaver tail backstrap in the box. I removed my barrel and the gun fit just fine with a tiny bit of room for the guide rod protrusion.
  4. Well the Hyve plates were super close. I am starting to think the smallest set of TTI plates will fit. I am 99% the .300 Dawson’s should work as well. Might try the TTI’s as they look nicer than the Dawson
  5. Has anyone tried a G26 with Dawson .300 EZ bases? It looks like they will fit the box but I am hesitant to order some just to try. I have a bunch of $$ in this 26 already and have 3 Hyve plated magazines incoming (I know they won’t fit). I just hate blowing more $$ to experiment right now but would love a bit more space for my little finger.
  6. That would be close with my box. Different variations might have more room. Mine has some “extra” wiggle room in CCP but almost none in BUG. I just got it from IDPA to test a few BUG’s and CCP’s I have. My gen 5 26 is super tight in there with no room for beaver tail back strap inserts. I have some room under the mag that might fit a Dawson .300 EZ baseplate but not 100% till I try it.
  7. I am a super gadget guy and will eventually buy one. The funny thing is I just saw a video of JM shooting a major match and he was using a pair of needle nose pliers on his clips. Go figure that the legend would go low tech. I guess he is so fast at everything else loading moons the hard way is part of his stubborn nature, lol.
  8. I am upgrading my 686 SSR PRO to the same setup I have on my 625. I am unsure on the FS height however. I have read here that the .300 is the correct height with an LPA rear however that was a single person and most retailers sell the .250 exclusively. I generally use a 6 o’clock hold with POI just above the front blade. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Well there is plenty of issues cited here. If I can't somewhat rely on BE forum then I guess I will just gamble with 1K + in guns and gear to satisfy your opinion of the internets BS level. Thanks anyway for the input. To everyone else I appreciate the shared knowledge and experience.
  10. Hmm, most of the reviews I see are a bit older. Maybe S&W fixed the issue with .357 barrels. I admit I am no pro but if the barrel is a true 9mm in current production I like the 929. Will I have trouble making PF with factory 147's? I want to shoot legal.
  11. If I could be 100% that the accuracy is there I would go 929. I like everything about it. I just have seen a lot of negatives about the bore diameter so it makes me nervous. For the $$ I want a 9mm gun thats actually a 9mm not a .357.
  12. I have guns for Classic and Limited 6 for ICORE. I have never shot this discipline but want to try it out. I was thinking originally about buying a 929 BUT I do not want a 9mm revolver that isn't actually chambered for 9mm. Pity bc I really liked the 929, however I do not reload and have no desire to create a custom round for it. The 627 from what I am reading seems to be the better gun for a guy like me shooting factory ammo. I can use it for Limited and add the comp to shoot open if I choose. Wondering what the forums thought was for a newbie like myself? Will I have any problems making PF with factory 38sp loads?
  13. I have those as well. I love them but under the 2017 rules I am not convinced they are legal. The rules specifically state "One ammunition carrier per allowed ammunition feeding device." I have since tried to order the California Competition ones but I heard they are no longer in business. I gave up and ordered the Ready Tactical ones but even those I am not 100% on b/c I don't know if the post is long enough. IDPA needs to issue a clarification and allow some different carries if they decide to get picky about it. Too few people shoot REV anyway and I would hope they make it more inviting to shoot.
  14. I can sympathize with many of the gun shop customer and clerk stories given in this thread. I have seen both sides from the stupid shop clerk to the annoying mall ninja customer. The funniest I have seen lately involved a buddy of mine who is an avid USPSA shooter and instructor and his client/student. I was in the shop picking up a gun I had ordered and while I was there this guy walks in with his newly purchased Glock. He had taken several classes with my friend already in addition to purchasing the gun from his shop and he wanted to know how to take it apart and clean it. I sat there for at least an hour while my friend repeatedly assembled and disassembled that gun for the guy. At one point I got so frustrated I jumped in and suggested a way to take it apart thinking he lacked the hand/finger strength to do it. No matter what we suggested he simply couldn't get that gun apart. Every time it looked like he was close to exherting the correct angle of pressure on the release tabs he would twist the gun in another direction. My buddy had the patience of a saint and I can only imagine what the former classes were like with the guy. After a good hour had passed he left without even getting close to taking it apart and all I could say to my buddy was he should have sold him an M&P with the big takedown lever, LOL!!
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