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  1. Thanks for the reply. How are you gripping the moon clip exactly the same way every time? If there was one moon clip in the holder I could use my thumb at the bottom of the holder as an index. Or maybe the post of the holder meeting my hand. I admit I haven't figured out my moon clip grip yet but I do know I want to do it the same way every time, with the understanding that the start position will vary with belt position.
  2. Hi , I'm trying to gear up for IDPA ESR with a S&W 625. For moon clip holders google led me to the North Mountain holders. These holders hold 2 moonclips each so how does one index them ? Am I wrong in thinking that 1 moonclip per holder would be better for repetition ? If so what would be a good choice ?
  3. How common is it for folks to see both the target and the front sight in sharp focus at the same time ? One eye focused on the target and the other on the front sight ?
  4. Websense is an application running on a separate machine that filters the traffic. They also provide a service that updates the sites to be restricted. The admin among other things chooses what categories of sites to block. If you look at the logs generated by websense at a major company you might be surprised what kind of surfing is taking place. I personally don't think tools like websense are the best way to manage your employees. Quote: from Erik Warren on 11:02 am on Oct. 30, 2002 [Airplane] Excuse me stewardess, I speak jive. [/Airplane] Funny how redneck and jive are so similar. ShooterGrrl, is Websense an application (service) running on your machine? Reconfigure it to not filter sites, or disable it entirely.
  5. TommyC, haha, I didnt but since you are I'll be happy to buy you a tank of gas for that Hummer
  6. Ain't it the truth ! The quality of driving in the Dallas Ft. Worth area is unbelievable. Is there any cure ?
  7. Having my arms locked out is uncomfortable for me and BE says don't, so I don't do it, however I'm looking at the Volume III, 2002 Glock Report as I type this and David Sevigny sure has his arms awful straight.
  8. talon

    DA or SA

    Duane, I think you misunderstood. I meant carrying a gun that has been shot 20,0000 times as opposed to carrying a gun that has been shot a few thousand or less. It would seem advisable to me to have two guns even if they are the same model if you are a serious competitor.
  9. talon

    DA or SA

    Duane, I hope I didnt imply that there was anything wrong with that. Do you feel that you can make GM with your present gun ? Is there any disadvantage in carrying a gun with the high round counts that the guns used in games usually have ?
  10. talon

    DA or SA

    Highlander, I just meant a gun that would be more competitive. When I first started IDPA I shot my carry gun and then when I got more serious I decided what class I wanted to shoot and then just picked the same gun that won that years IDPA nationals for that class. Then I started reading this forum daily and hanging out with some top shooters. I also print out most of BE posts for reference. I'm too old to become a contender but I have a lot of fun.
  11. talon

    DA or SA

    IMHO, I would say compete with it just like you carry it. And if you get hooked on IDPA get a "gamer" gun.
  12. Is seeing the muzzle flash and indication that you are not blinking ?
  13. talon


    Did TGO get a PE for cover at the Nat's ?
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