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  1. Action pants

    For 3 gun I like the LA police gear cargo pants and shorts
  2. Anyone use the Atibal 1-8x

    Thanks for the link. Just sent them an email.
  3. I put a taccom extreme on my M3K. I've used it in practice and and one competition and so far so good. Seems very strong to me but I haven't tried the other brands. I also got the MOA follower and so far I am a fan.
  4. Lock back with rounds in mag

    Great info. Thanks again. Hopefully will get to test it this weekend.
  5. Lock back with rounds in mag

    So if it is just the bolt is stuck back what would be remedy?
  6. Lock back with rounds in mag

    Good info. Thanks for the help.
  7. Lock back with rounds in mag

    Thanks for the response. I fired 1 round to empty mage around 5 times and was able to lock back every time. I think I will just try it with more rounds to empty mag and adjust. Just wasn't sure if I was missing something else.
  8. Lock back with rounds in mag

    I recently added a adjustable gas block, low weight bcg, and taccom buffer. I got the bolt to lock back after last round at range but during a comp today the bolt would lock back every 5 rounds or so. Do I just need to adjust further? Start over? Suggestions are appreciated.
  9. CBC Brass

    I've had similar problems as well and have ended up sorting them out.
  10. Port work in Texas

    I am by no means bashing on hayes custom. They are actually the first on my list to do it. Just keeping options open. I heard from them today and working on getting it to them. Thank you for the response though.
  11. Port work in Texas

    I sent a couple of emails to Hayes Custom Guns and didn't receive a response. Anyone know any other place local to San Antonio or Austin?
  12. Budget 1-?x Scope for 3-Gun

    I have a pepr and a rock river, the Aero is definitely lighter and what I will be going to on both of my rifles.
  13. AR15 flared magwell

    I've seen guys running the arrendondo but haven't run one myself. They seem to work OK.
  14. Best IWB holster for Glock 42?

    No problem. They are a little pricey but worth it in my opinion.
  15. 9MM/ .223 match ammo

    Before I started reloading I shot a couple of thousand rounds of freedom munitions 124 grain out of my Glock 34 and only had one ftf. I now load 147 as I seem to be more accurate with it.