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  1. Production changes ..

    And so begins the slippery slope...
  2. I got a Dawson pad to try. I don't think they can be beat for $15.
  3. Punisher on Netflix

    I hadn't watched anything before I watched Punisher, and I didn't feel lost at all. Plus, I've never read any of the comic books. I just had a vague idea of what he was... vigilante anti-hero.
  4. I really wanted the salomons to work, but the mid foot is still too narrow. That's the place where most shoes won't fit me. So far the Altras are the best fit. They seem pretty well made. They don't have the most aggressive tread of all, but it's pretty good. I've got a pair of Saucony Excursions (only trail model to come in wide) and a pair of NB on the way. We'll see.
  5. Well... Speedcross wides are still very narrow. Saucony Peregrine's are way too narrow. Altra Timps might work. I wish they were a little more aggressive, but they seem ok. They do look a little odd. I'm gonna wear them around the house a little before I make a decision. I'm still open to trying others.
  6. Glock Gen 5

    Is the barrel still polyagonal rifling or did they go to a standard rifling? I've heard it both ways.
  7. Man...I'm glad you said this. I hope they work. I've got Speedcross 4, Saucony Peregrine's, and Altra Timps on the way to try. After I try these, I'm gonna try some New Balance because they've fit well in the past. I'm open to other suggestions, too.
  8. I've already tried Inov-8. They are too narrow. I really wish they would work because they seem like great shoes, same with the Solomans.
  9. I've had several pairs of Merrell Moabs, but am looking for more aggressive tread.
  10. That's an option. Any suggestions?
  11. I'm only seeing M width in the Peregrine's. They look great though. I'll check them out if I can find some.
  12. I've developed some foot tendonitis and need something that has support, no minimalist shoes. I've got custom insoles on the way from the Dr. I've been wearing Asic Fuji Runnegades and love the traction they offer but they are basically the next step from barefoot. Before that I had Adidas Kanadia, but they are about the same. The problem is I have a wide foot. I wear a 4E in Asics and 2E in most others. I've tried Solomon...way too narrow. I tried the "standard fit" Inov8...too narrow. Anyone have any suggestions? I like the soft rubber cleats, but might be open to other types.
  13. Grip enhancer?

    +1. I prefer it strongly to progrip. It does make your hands very white, but it helps with grip a lot.
  14. Cz TS failure to feed ACME bullets

    Mine would feed certain bullet profiles fine, but choked on some...hollow points in particular. Just something to check.
  15. Cz TS failure to feed ACME bullets

    Make sure the bottom of the breech face isn't sharp. You're probably gonna want to round it off with some sandpaper. My SP-01 did this at first. The breech face drags the round underneath it forward enough to screw it up when it goes to load. Mine would feed some bullet profiles fine, but would choke on hollow points until I did that. This should probably go in the CZ section.