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  1. M&P 2.0

    Amen to that. This alone made me order the new 4.25" 9mm 1.0 that I had been wanting, instead of a 2.0.
  2. M&P 2.0

    So much fail with this, from what I can see and have read. All that S&W needed to do to knock this out of the park was: 1. Replace hinged trigger with "Glock style" that every other manufacturer is now using. 2. Ensure proper barrel to slide fit to resolve accuracy issue in 9mm The "pro" sear, slide lightening, and grip texture changes are the only improvements in my opinion.
  3. M&P Basepads

    TTI are very easy to take apart and are terrific. The Springer Precision are still very easy to take apart and I like them for +0 use with the SSS ESP magwell, especially for being so reasonably priced.
  4. M&P Regular Maintenance

    Over 8k on my M&P 9 Pro and 3k on my M&P 40 C.O.R.E. 5" and no parts needed, except the upgrades I installed for competition. Also only cleaned each once.
  5. M&P Pro light strikes

    If trigger is stock, I'd start with the striker, striker spring, channel and liner. If it is running an Apex trigger it might be that the striker spring was replaced with a lighter one.
  6. M&P Pro light strikes

    Is your gun stock? If not, what modifications have you made? Have you checked the striker channel and channel liner for any build up of lube or debris?
  7. M&P Core in Production

    Glad I could help. The FSS trigger is so sweet...it certainly won't be holding you back at all. Best of luck to you!
  8. M&P Core in Production

    Going back to factory, or even AEK with stock trigger will feel so much worse than the FSS. I'd just shoot limited or L10. I currently shoot a 9 Pro in IDPA ESP and 40 C.O.R.E. in USPSA Limited, both 5" with FSS, mag-wells, base pads, etc and would hate to shoot production/ssp.
  9. M&P Core in Production

    Depends on what Apex kit is installed. If you have the DCAEK, you can run the stock trigger with the AEK parts to get back into production. If using the FSS though, you can't easily use the stock trigger, though I believe some people have managed to make it fit.
  10. Apex Parts Needed for new Pro?

    They have improved the factory trigger a bit over time, but the AEK is still a welcome improvement. At minimum you would probably want the USB.
  11. Anyone worn out an M&P Mag Catch?

    Never had a problem, but I replaced mine with an extended metal release from LF Arms and it has worked wonderfully: http://www.lf-arms.com/M-P-Extended-Length-Magazine-Release-p/mpextmr.htm
  12. M&P Pro 40 in Limited?

    I shoot an M&P 40 CORE 5" in limited with SSS Limited Magwell and TTI +5 base pads (20 reloadable), Apex FF FSS and Hogue Hybrid M&P Grip and love it. I was previously using my M&P Pro 9 5" (setup similar) for IDPA ESP and USPSA Limited Minor and just recently upgraded to the 40 CORE for Limited Major.
  13. Thanks for confirming, trying them with the LF arms release accomplishes the same anyways.
  14. Looks good, as long as it still fits in the box. Did you ever try reversing your mag release and testing to see if it was worn down like I suggested?
  15. Let me know about pin clearance. I know the SSS magwell needs some work when using our large size base pads. My TTI's work perfect with the ESP magwell even with the pin sticking up far enough to not be flush on the mag bottom.