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  1. Springer Precision has good basepads as well.
  2. I shoot a 5" Pro. and it really prefers heavier ammo. The Federal Syntec 150gr runs very well and shoots soft.
  3. Same here, even some 1911 guys have been shocked how nice my trigger is.
  4. This is what you want to make it competition ready.
  5. Apex Tactical Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit S&W M&P M2.0. On sale currently at Midway for $145: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/356126/apex-tactical-flat-faced-forward-set-trigger-kit-s-and-w-m-and-p-m20
  6. I can understand their reason for "fixing" it, as many didn't like that it wasn't 100% consistent at doing one thing or the other, and that makes sense. But considering a lot of guns do it at least occasionally, and plenty of folks appreciate that M&Ps were pretty consistent at doing so, I'd rather they offer a "fixed" slide stop that could be swapped in, instead of making all M2.0 models use the "fix".
  7. Have you seen or tried the Hogue Hand-all Hybrid? (https://amzn.to/2ttxyv5) It locks in like the factory grip modules, and gives an incredible grip approximately the size of the medium factory grip module.
  8. I love that mine does it, and after a while I was able to get to 95%+ consistency with it, just by consistently slamming the mag in with the right amount of force. The change in the M2.0 to prevent this is the only reason I haven't bought one.
  9. Amen to that. This alone made me order the new 4.25" 9mm 1.0 that I had been wanting, instead of a 2.0.
  10. So much fail with this, from what I can see and have read. All that S&W needed to do to knock this out of the park was: 1. Replace hinged trigger with "Glock style" that every other manufacturer is now using. 2. Ensure proper barrel to slide fit to resolve accuracy issue in 9mm The "pro" sear, slide lightening, and grip texture changes are the only improvements in my opinion.
  11. TTI are very easy to take apart and are terrific. The Springer Precision are still very easy to take apart and I like them for +0 use with the SSS ESP magwell, especially for being so reasonably priced.
  12. Over 8k on my M&P 9 Pro and 3k on my M&P 40 C.O.R.E. 5" and no parts needed, except the upgrades I installed for competition. Also only cleaned each once.
  13. If trigger is stock, I'd start with the striker, striker spring, channel and liner. If it is running an Apex trigger it might be that the striker spring was replaced with a lighter one.
  14. Is your gun stock? If not, what modifications have you made? Have you checked the striker channel and channel liner for any build up of lube or debris?
  15. Glad I could help. The FSS trigger is so sweet...it certainly won't be holding you back at all. Best of luck to you!
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