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  1. WST users anyone? (9mm Prod)

    I've used WST for years and have never had a problem with it. I agree that 3.4-3.6 should get you where you need on PF. I shoot 4.2 for 125 and 3.8 for 135 gr bullets.
  2. Thinner Front Sight (.095) For USPSA....?

    I switched from .125 to .100 on my XDM and like it much better.
  3. XDM 5.25 on a whim

    I have had mine for over 5 years and it is a great gun. I liked it so much that I bought a second for backup.
  4. Shooting cart???

    Yes, I've seen those. A lot of people add clamps for each of their long guns.
  5. Shooting cart???

    I've recently saw someone convert a jogging stroller to a gun cart. I liked the way it looked and worked so well, that I was able to find one and make me a gun cart. I rolls great on all kinds of terrain. You can find them used at yard sales.
  6. Hello from STL, MO Metro Area

    Welcome from SE Missouri.
  7. .356 Poly Coated Lead

    BBI and SNS 125gr both are at .356. Accurate bullets.
  8. Coated vs Plated Bullets

    I also have pulled coated bullets to check my crimp. I've never seen any coating scraped off.
  9. 9mm XDM, BBI & OAL

    I load the BBI bullets at 1.09 for the 125gr bullets.
  10. Best Places to Purchase Bullets in Bulk?

    I've used BBI, SNS and H&S Bullets. They are all good.
  11. Production Holster Ilegal (bladetech DOH)

    I've heated the offset and bent it towards the belt to make it legal for production.
  12. Help! WST 147gr FMJ

    I know that 4.2 gr of WST will meet PF on my gun with a 125gr bullet. I've used the chrono on it several times.
  13. Help! WST 147gr FMJ

    What does the manual show for the 124gr bullets? I'm guessing 4.2? Thanks.
  14. 100rd sample pack. Acme. Quality concerns.

    I've used a lot of 125 g SNS bullets recently. The thing I've noticed is that their weight doesn't seem to be very consistent. Many bullets are below 125 g.
  15. Accuracy for reloads.

    So may factors that could have caused this. Length of bullet, bullet type, length of bullet, load variations, etc.