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  1. P09 Question

    I have seen P-09's milled for a red dot and have the iron sights milled in front of the dot. Same effect, just looks funny. I believe the way the slide is designed it cant be milled deep enough in front of the rear sight dovetail to keep the rear irons in the traditional place. That being said, I have a FF3 in a dovetail mount, stock front sight is still on the gun but not in the way, and have no desire to co-witness.
  2. P09 trigger improvement

    My 9mm P09 has a Cajun race hammer, extended FP, 13lb hammer spring, and pops all primers reliably. I still load federals for matches but all practice ammo is loaded with mostly S&B primers, but Win, and CCI have been totally reliable too. This being said, I load on a Loadmaster and seat primers very deep with a slight pre-crush.
  3. XDm trigger

    Powder River Precision drop in kit, and use the competition springs. Fantastic trigger, easy to do yourself. Everyone that has ever shot my xdm has remarked how nice the trigger is.
  4. 9mm spinner load

    6.7gr of Accurate #7 under a 147gr coated lead bullet is an actual book load in the Accurate powder manual, they claim 1049 FPS, and out of my CZ P-09 averaged 1067 FPS. That should get that steel moving.
  5. 147gr 9mm n310 users.

    I experimented with 310 under a few different types of 147gr FP coated lead rounds. It shot very soft, was very consistent with low SD numbers, but didnt give good accuracy compared to other powders I used. Found a much better use for it in a different caliber.
  6. .355" or .356" 125 grn coated for your P-09 ?

    My P-09 slugged at .3555, I usually use .356 coated lead but have shot .357 coated lead as well, didnt see much difference in accuracy. I would definitely shoot at least .356. For whatever reason I cant get coated lead to shoot nearly as accurately as JHP's though.
  7. Titegroup and coated bullets

    I use 3.1gr titegroup under a 147gr coated lead bullet. OAL I use is 1.135. This is out of a XDM 5.25.
  8. CZ P-09 rear sight

    I don't think any one offers one, but if you do find one, please post up, I would love to have one.

    Suppose to be announced Thanksgiving day. If you have access to Instagram they put a teaser pic showing part of a slide, a couple 15rd mags, and a nicely textured grip that looks like it has some palm swell built into it. They mention it having fully ambi controls, superior ergonomics, and the same mag family as the P07/P09. Im looking forward to whatever it is.
  10. Rock Island Ultra FS 9mm for SS?

    3.1gr of titegroup (+/- .1gr for your specific pistol) gives me a very soft shooting and accurate load with 147gr coated lead Bullets.
  11. Optics mount for Mod.2

    Since you don't have one yet why don't you get one of the new OSP models. They have the removable plate to mount an optic directly to the slide. And yes, removing the sights on an XD is as bad as you think it will be, if not worse. Probably the hardest sights to change on any pistol brand.
  12. 90gr jhp and wac

    I have run that exact Bullet out of my comp'ed CZ P09 from 6.7 gr up to 7.2 gr with no problems or pressure signs so I can't imagine that being a problem. It's actually pretty accurate and has virtually no recoil.
  13. Vih. N 310 / 320 ??

    Ive played with 310 a little in 9mm but can get any kind of accuracy with it at all. Targets look like shotgun patterns, switch back to 320 and accuracy is excellent again. It is super soft though. Ive had a little better results in some .40 loads, and it does pretty good in .45. I am still on the first lb Ive ever had and will not be buying any more.
  14. 9mm minor with compensator?

    I'm shooting minor out of a comp'ed CZ P-09, but in the 143PF range. Specifically a 100gr Xtreme FP under 6.4gr Autocomp. This was the best trade off of feel, flatness, accuracy, and cost in the limited amount of testing I did before the shooting season started, when its over Im going to do some more testing to see if I can improve on what I have now. There is a noticeable difference shooting these rounds through the comp and not so I do believe a comp does make a difference. I did shoot some 90gr JHP rounds and they are definitely soft and flat but quite a bit more expensive, if I could find them at the same price point I may switch to them, if the accuracy was the same.
  15. P09 slide optic

    +1 for springer precision mounts. Ive had my FF3 on two different P-09's, a .40 and a 9mm, and it just stays rock solid. Ive put untold thousands of rounds through those pistols and not a single problem. Im running some fairly spicy 9mm loads and it never gets loose or loses zero. Just double check it will work with your choice of optic. A lot of guys have been having their slide milled with good success. If there is no one here who does this, you can find some folks on the czfirearms.us site. It gives a little cleaner look and gets the dot closer to the slide, Im considering it myself and may do it during the winter.