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  1. Ordered a week before the elections, 9/40 sight tracker with 5 mags for each cal, I made a change to a threaded 9mm barrel in June, quoted 12 to 15 months again, and it's paid for
  2. I don't have mine yet, but my SVI was ordered as a Sight Tracker Austin111 very nice looking shooter
  3. STI 2011 Magazine Selection

    I have 3 old style 140 tubes with Taran followers(slightly modded to lock open on empty) Taran springs and Taran 4gs base pads Taran spacers, all hold 23 rounds and have been 100%, I bought a 170 new style tube and added Taran guts and a 7gs base pad, no spacer, holds 30 rounds and so far has been 100%. Other than slightly notching the followers I have done other tuning.
  4. New style STI mags

    170mm Gen 2 Body TTI 13coil spring TTI 9mm follower modified to lock the slide back on empty instead of one left in the mag TTI 7G2 base pad 30 rounds of 9 for outlaw matches
  5. Tuned 2011 40 mag how to?

    http://freedomgunworks.com/pdf/Competition Mag Tuning Tutorial.pdf
  6. .40 Minor for IDPA

    Glock 35 with 15lb recoil spring 3.0 of Clays 180 Berries 1.130 Range Brass CCI primers 730FPS 131k PF
  7. 2011 to 1911, SVI?

    I'd move to a free State
  8. Marauder slide sticking

    what are you using for lube, my Marauder has been 100% reliable from day 1
  9. Competition Belt

    I got a CR Speed, DAA Premium, and a Shooters Connection, I have been using the CR Speed inner with the DAA outer for a couple years, now all I use is the SC set up, the CR Speed inner is now my work belt, for 40 bucks the SC belt is hard to beat IMHO
  10. Mag Release Button

    It only fits SVI grips, I tried a Dawson, IMHO it was marginally better than nothing, I'm really liking the RHT snake skin paddle, one big issue with it though it comes with a metric screw, so plan on buying a 4-40 screw
  11. 2011 Feeding Issues (9mm) - Help

    Round nose pills
  12. SA range officer 9mm minor

    I ran my 9RO with stock recoil spring, ditched the ILS and installed a S&A Magwell with 70 series guts, Wilson mags
  13. Nitriding a guide rod?

  14. 2011, Random inconsistent trigger pull

    Send it back to STI
  15. CED7000 not turning on

    Mine won't count shots anymore, I think I'll fix it with a pocket pro 2