PCCs that didn't work. How'd you fix it?

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As a counterpoint to the "PCCs that work" thread, I thought it might be worthwhile to outline what issues you had with mags, optic, comp, buffer and spring, various comps you've tried...


Try and concentrate cliff-note versions of "I started with a basic rifle, here's how I made it shoot soft and flat" information all in one place.


(And of course, the "It didn't run, here's how I fixed my reliability issue" issues you've had as well!) 


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Covered pretty much in another thread, but to be thorough, here it is too.


After 2000 trouble free rounds, my gun doubled twice in one match.  First time it happened and I was concerned that either the trigger or hammer pin holes on the lower receiver had egged out or something on the trigger had worn out.


Based on comments by Hiperfire, the manufacturer of the trigger, it could possibly be too heavy a buffer and/or too heavy a recoil spring.  


Several on the forum also mentioned heavy springs and buffers combined with a light trigger may be a problem.  Also they pointed out a loose grip could cause similar problems.


The problem seems to be solved by going to a lighter spring (.223 versus .308) or a lighter buffer.  Combinations of neavy buffer with a light spring, light buffer with heavy spring and light buffer with light spring were tried.  All seemed to solve the doubling problem.  But going lighter also increased dot movement. 


I settled on the heavy (5.2 ounce) buffer with the light (.223) spring as the best solution. PF on my 147 gr loads is 132.




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Hello: The most common problems that I have seen here are too heavy of a recoil system with reloads, trigger pins walking out, bad extractors and barrels not made to spec either short throated or chamber cut too deep. I would suggest you buy the best parts you can afford so you don't have to buy twice or three times. "Nothing is worse than a gun that does not go bang." Thanks, Eric

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Fixed my problems by changing out the barrel. Like Eric said the barrel had a very short tight chamber/throat. Was really picky about what it liked. Went to a JP barrel and solved all my PCC problems. Did have a gas key come loose, red loctite & re-stake.



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as Eric and gerritm commented, my only problem has been a short leade area in the throat of a PSA 16" complete upper... the nitrided treatment is pretty tough, and I had to put the barrel in a lathe to get enough force for the reamer to bite...I have a 10.5" upper also from PSA and it did not have the problem....

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