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  1. I would reach out to Paul Phegan, he's there in Australia and his son shoots as well. He should be able to give you some good advice as to what gun to go with. A problem you're going to run into with the 2022 is lack of aftermarket parts to make it more efficient. If you were to go with more traditional competition guns you'll have a lot more options down the road. If he's uncomfortable with letting the hammer down I would suggest going with a P320F or the Q5 Match, I really wish they could get the P320x5 verified as it makes for a great production gun right out of the box. I think you'll find there are not a lot of Sig's being shot in IPSC production division you'll probably see more CZ's, Tangfolio's, Glocks, etc.
  2. The 7.5 is overkill the 2.5 is intense enough that you'll have no problem finding the dot and will be able to make quicker more accurate shots. It also won't eat through the battery as fast as the 7.5. I'm just waiting on my Springer adapter plate to arrive in the mail and I'll be running it. I'll post a picture when I get it all setup.
  3. Spoke with Springer Precision and they said the weight of the Deltapoint Pro adapter plate is 3oz, so your basically adding 4 oz more to the slide than you would with the Romeo 1. How much will that extra 4oz on the slide effect the gun?
  4. I'll believe it when I have one in hand. I talked to several dealers and none of them have heard of something being shipped to them today, maybe tracking numbers just haven't trickled down the grape vine quite yet. Minus the magwell and add on different basepads right? Wonder if i would be better off buying a bunch of 17rd magazines for production and saving these for when I shoot CO?
  5. I don't think that he's blaming the dealers, If the blame is on anyone it's Sig and the lack of information they're putting out to their dealers and to the public. They could pretty easily put it out there that they are doing a soft release for 25 guns and after they've received feedback from those 25 they'll look at doing a bigger release or something along those lines. I don't think anybody would blame them for that and it would create a realistic expectation vs them saying "They're Shipping" and making everyone think that all 2k+, that they said were ready to ship, had been shipped out to dealers.
  6. It's been 2 weeks since the Sig Pro shop started selling/shipping the X5 and I have yet to hear of anyone getting one from their local firearm distributor. I've contacted several larger stores in and out of state to see if they have even heard of a ship time from Sig and none of them have. Is it normal for Sig to only sell a new gun from their store so they can get the full MSRP for the first month?
  7. Yeah I saw that as well I'm going to have to place an order with BBI or Leatherhead bullets.
  8. Thanks for the write up Alma, It sounds like SP is on top of things as far as enhancements go and RHT is already knocking out the holsters. Has anyone heard ship dates from a regular distributor? Seems like most people who have them got them straight from Sig.
  9. His machine arrived today and he'll be back up and running this coming week. I think he has a small backlog but he will most likely start taking orders. I've been shooting H&S for about a year now, 125's and 147's, most run a couple grains over which can help you out on the chrono stage.
  10. Mason Lane just got his hands on one and does a good overview of the gun.
  11. I thought they were saying that it was supposed to be around 5lbs out of the box? Do you know if Grey Guns has plans on trying to get that lower?
  12. Order has been placed, hopefully before most everyone else ha ha. I forgot to use the code but I did send them a message praising you for your dedication to RHT. I've seen you on multiple posts touting the quality of their product.
  13. They do plan on producing them in .40 as well but I wouldn't expect that until at least 2018
  14. That would be nice, I guess it depends on if their lead time is actually a month like their site says. I may go with someone local instead and cut that in half so I can start training with it.
  15. Nice I'm glad to see they're starting to ship. I've called all around Utah and none of the dealers here have heard anything Has anyone tried using the X5 on current p320 holsters? Have a belt and Magazine holders purchased for it but not sure what I'm going to do about a holster yet.