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  1. Anyone got one yet? Haven't seen any for sale yet.. have one on order just checking to see if they were releasing any yet to public
  2. Have both for my gen2.. haven't had any problems with them
  3. From what i have got from other mpx shooters on here the manufacturered 9mm is a little to long to run great in mpx.. OAL needs to be 1.12.. going to try this myself since i am having the same issues with my mpx .. have precision delta 124s coming in tomorrow.. gonna try and get some loaded and see what happens.. will post results on here
  4. Have 125 grain blue bullets ordered (had a credit) I have a ton of ramshot competition powder anyone got any load data with this combo? Trying to make my mpx run.. it won't run the light loads
  5. Hopefully not.. i guess we will see
  6. Called today and asked about eta on my rifle and they told me first of April
  7. Well I am used to running a flat trigger in my limited gun so I thought I would try it in this one.
  8. The on the x5 is larger being that the sight is on top of it.. the rx has a sight mounted behind it
  9. I just called and ask guy at sig if opening up gas port was an option and he said it was at discretion of who ever looks at my gun.. I told him that I wanted it to shoot light loads
  10. Anyone know if they make a plate to go on slide in case I want to remove the Romeo sight
  11. Ok thanks.. hopefully when I gets back from sig it will run perfect.. it has always run hotter loads fine.. don't know what has happened that caused it to start having issues.. didn't Change ammo or mags or anything
  12. Mine wouldn't eject either and the bullet loading from mag kept getting caught up with spent casing.. and that was with 115 hotter loads
  13. I talked to Andre.. might want to call back and talk to him.. I also had a sponsored shooter give me a code that saved me $100.. might want to see if you can get a code from someone
  14. Mine won't cycle 147 factory ammo all the time.. what have y'all found that works in yours? Won't to try some different loads for mine when it gets back from sig..(something wrong with gas system, wouldn't cycle anything).. have a jp on the way if they don't get it straightened out
  15. Oakley tombstone.. have a pair with 3 sets of lenses.. they have a lot of flex.. by far the most comfortable glasses I own.. well with the money