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  1. that looks awesome
  2. will look into it
  3. I am a vid guy so I like the quality of gopro and the frames per second so you can go back and slow it dow. the only turn off for the gopro is that it might be bulky or awkward when shoting. I also had those camera/glasses that has the camera on the bridge of your nose, it was a good idea but the quality was not there for me or there is a delay. just my 2cents
  4. Welcome to enos
  5. there is always one in the group. Our guy voices his opinions and his political views....we are all there to have fun and do not want to hear the sermon from anyone
  6. ouch! I am kinda glad my wife doesnt shoot....its my "break" from her when I shoot USPSA hahhaha
  7. welcome to the forum
  8. Atleast its an experience you will not forget.
  9. I dont know if I am a "flipper" in a business sense but there were a few times where I purchased a firearm and then after a couple of months was not a fan so I resold it. Its not like a car where you can test drive it before you buy it so a ;pt people purchase things based on reviews and not in hand trial. I can see if it is a "pattern" for a seller but it would be hard to regulate
  10. Thats freaking awesome bro! what is the one that is furthest left 2 tone?
  11. welcome Dearl! I am kirby and I am also a gun hoe
  12. welcome! I used to live in pacifica but now live in san diego
  13. welcome!
  14. that looks awesome!
  15. that is freaking awesome!