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  1. I've broken multiple mag catch springs....... Buts that's due to practicing mag changes in dry fire
  2. Badass compilation of videos! Thanks
  3. Kobalt hooks from Lowes If I knew how to post pics I would
  4. Yup.... Get the cheapest I can find for practice then run federals for matches
  5. I run 4.0 gr titegroup for a 124hp at 1.155 oal and get about 130pf out of a stock glock 17.... Never any problems... In fact it's one if my best loads for big matches
  6. Thanks for the info..... I am going to load some tomorrow.... 147gr bear creek and 2.9-3.0 of titegroup with oal of 1.155
  7. my dell is defintely due for some upgrades. I remember when my friends made fun of me beacause I bought a dell, but I really can't complain.
  8. I have a dell desktop and It has served my great for about five years now. but i bought the hp laptop because it was on sale, and that turned out to be a big mistake. I should have stuck with dell.
  9. ogiebb, thanks for info. with the price of bullets through the roof, I like probably most other shooters on a tight budget are trying to find the most inexpensive alternative. how would you rate the quality of these bullets shooting through your g34.
  10. thanks for the info. I did a search on bear creek and I found a couple of people say they do shoot with stock barrel but the make sure and clean the barrel after shooting
  11. well i guess I am not the only one, i had the exact same problem with my hp and I too could not understand what the tech was saying. Mine has windows vista, and I've heard the've had many problems.
  12. just wondering if anybody shoots these bullets out of a stock glock barrel?
  13. para joe, you must be talking about the match at 5 dogs. I think the stage was called "Think inside the box". I really liked shooting all those pepper poppers, and I was shooting the stage very good and eficiently till the end when I ran out of ammo. Oh well, rookie mistake, but thats why its time I start shooting matches. There nothing like experience, and learning from mistakes. Time to buy an extra mag. I won't be to hard on myself considering it was my first real match.
  14. I've had steve's book for just over two months, and WOW!!!!!!!! It's like a whole new world of dryfiring, and I love it. Sometimes when I start the drills I can't stop!!