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  1. Maybe a little bit off, but try wearing a jacket or sweatshirt. Also, are you well hydrated?
  2. WOOT!!! Party time, do the happy dance!! Good job dude. Joe
  3. Nice little dude!!!! Put the beat down on'em.
  4. Nick, where did you get that headband??? Joe
  5. ParaJoe

    Nose Hair

    Take Q-Tip, apply warm wax. Insert into snout and let sit. Yank. I watched a guy get this done at a hair cutting place here in Kuwait. He was relaxed in a barbers chair with a hot rag on his face and oblivious to what was going on until the barber snatched out the Q-Tip's. At first the guy was extremely upset, but once he calmed down he said he could breathe better. It was pure comedy. Joe
  6. That, was, beautiful. Joe
  7. Open Source? What is this that you speak of?? Joe
  8. .jpg's. They show just fine on the XP desktop computer but not on the Vista computer. I'll play with it some more and see if I can figure it out. Joe
  9. I can do that, but in XP when they came up as large icons, there were thumbnail images of the pictures. All I'm getting now is icon letting me know it is a Windows Fax and Picture Viewer file. I want to be able to see what picture it is before it opens. Joe
  10. I just got a new laptop and it came with Vista. I went to the BlackViper website and followed his advice to make it a little bit more tolerable. I have one last complaint. I can't seem to get my pictures in my Pictures folder, or any folder for that matter, to show up as thumbnails like XP did. Please help. Searching through 1000 pictures to find one of them is annoying. Joe
  11. Big Kahuna is going to have to chime in here as he did mine, but I'm fairly sure he wrapped a piece of sand paper around a dowel rod. He went up in grit sizes to make it perfectly smooth. Joe
  12. Anybody running one of these? I'm looking at one of the shorter models with a long handguard. How do you like it? It's made by Larue so I'm assuming it's top notch like everything else that they do. Joe
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