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  1. jswhitesell619

    18" or 16"?

    I'm running a double fluted 18" barrel and I'll tell you what, it is light and fast for a 18" gun. I've found that the rifle length gas really smooths out the recoil impulse. With that said, I would like to build a short rifle with a 13.7 or 14.5 for the one club I shoot at. There is nothing but bays, I think the farthest is something like 125? But I have shot my 18 and dont really feel at any disadvantage running it, just want to try something new.
  2. jswhitesell619

    Red Dot for Rock Island?

    I think Hayes Custom is working on a rock island open gun, slide ride and ported barrel.
  3. jswhitesell619

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    A local friend/competitor has a wilson cqb in 45 that shot IDPA extensively and trained like a mad man and it has held up to the 100k mark with minimal parts breakage. I believe it was an extractor that broke but not positive. Wilson puts out an awesome product, as long as their options meet what you want.
  4. Nice video and glad to see you like the MBX. I've been looking around at PCC's and this is in the running for sure!
  5. jswhitesell619

    Shotshell carriers

    I'm currently using invictus 2point8 caddies, and have been very happy! I'm considering getting the deturk vest for some of the longer stages of fire that I have been seeing
  6. jswhitesell619

    Shadow 2

    I know cgw did one as well, if your on fb "carry optics universe" there was a s2 posted with a DPP and some other lightening to make weight.
  7. Good deal! I got mine for right about that price too! I'm hoping to have my gun fully race ready for less then a stock m2.
  8. jswhitesell619

    New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    I have a 3" gun. Sometimes the 3.5" guns are spring stiffer and require stiffer loads.
  9. jswhitesell619

    New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    I have a 3" gun. Sometimes the 3.5" guns are sprung stiffer and require stiffer loads.
  10. jswhitesell619

    New MBX pro series

    That's going to look killer! Can't wait to see it done
  11. jswhitesell619

    New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    I like the idea of an aluminum trigger guard, small funnel and there is a certain bling factor that I like. I also don't care for the funny hump in the plastic factory part. Certainly not a necessity, more of an accessory.
  12. jswhitesell619


    Carlson makes an affordable choke, briley is an excellent choke tube, the pure gold are excellent as well, BUT this time around I am going with the Müller chokes. They have an excellent history in sporting clays, and I will only be picking up 2. Hoser and far will cover everything that we see 99.9% of the time.
  13. jswhitesell619

    New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    Glad to hear you talked with MOA as well! I'm in the same planning stage but am planning on the A&S trigger guard as well for mods. kilyung, could you post up your c rums port? Would love to see it
  14. The loading port work done on Keith Garcias breda from TTI looked great, but the port from RCI looks great too! I am currently in the process of having MOA do the port work for my franchi and I think it will be as fast and easy to load as my Accurate Iron M2 was at a fraction of the price. I'm hoping to be under $1200 with the A&S trigger guard on my franchi which I bought "used" for $525. It was from a guy who won it and never shot it.
  15. jswhitesell619

    Best Multi-Tool for 2011?

    That looks like a heck of a setup especially for $40! Looks like I'll be ordering one of those!