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  1. In Lead We Trust is making 16" barrels. You can buy that plus a Lancer hand guard. Springer Precision makes shrouds that can be pinned & welded to your 8" barrel.
  2. Cost cutting change, I guess? Or are they billing this as an improvement?
  3. I just shoot club matches, but I sort to weed out stepped brass and crimped primers.
  4. Just got mine in from Fury Holsters:
  5. empty coffee cans and protein powder containers.
  6. I have the Tactical 5.0 in 9mm, but I kinda wish I had the Bomar rear sight of the Edge. I also changed the front to a fiber optic, which the Edge already has. The Edge also comes with a little bit lighter trigger out of the box than the Tactical. That may not matter much if you plan on upgrading the trigger anyway.
  7. yikes OP... that thing is horrendous. This is what a quality kydex holster from looks like (for a lot less than $100):
  8. No, but it is basically the same set that comes on the Marauders. The Dawson adjustable Novak rear seems to just be a re-branded (and less expensive) version of the STI TAS. Here's a pic I found of a Marauder:
  9. I liked the Hienie's, but they were way low on my Tactical (too low to fix with just a shorter front). I replaced them with a Dawson .100 fiber optic front and a Dawson adjustable Novak-cut rear. This set up is working well so far. The rear notch is .120
  10. I got black 9mm mags for my Tactical from Dawson. Search for "STI Xylan magazine". If they don't show up on the website, call to backorder them.
  11. They shoot great out of mine.
  12. I cut my stock down 1" and added one of MOA's pre-ground Kickeez pads. The pad and the shortened LOP definitely helped me. I was also glad to pay the extra $20 to not have to grind the thing myself.
  13. At the CZ Custom booth at the USA NRA show yesterday they told me that they did not have an early release sample for me to coon finger and no information on when they would ship. They don't show up in the 2016 CZ-USA catalog, did notice a new to me version of the CZ 75 TS in the catalog that is interesting though. That's disappointing. I may go ahead and get a 2011
  14. I have an LNL, and I'm in the same boat as most everyone else in this thread. It has some cool features like the die bushings, but I can't get through 100 rounds without something screwing up. I had a square deal b before, and loading was much faster on it. I'm about ready to go back to blue (650 this time).
  15. Good to know I'm not the only one wearing long sleeves when it's 90 outside. I usually wear the cheaper Magellan fishing shirts that Academy sells.