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  1. Comes with a universal adaptor and a picatinny, the universal fits perfectly
  2. Stretch 16 are manufactured by Mcgowen barrels I think.
  3. Sure fire X300
  4. I'll take the taccom mag extension

  5. It's a new division at superstition mountain 3 gun annual match and Rio Salado monthly matches, the handgun can have optics but most fit in a box with the mag inserted, the shotgun can have optics but the feeding tube can only be certain length usually allowing 10 rounds, no mag fed shotguns etc. it's a fun division!
  6. 3gun stealth and open ready
  7. I like that. Too bad IPSC doesn't have a good Division for it. It's my 3 gun open/stealth division also good for steel matches
  8. A fine piece of art
  9. SAS wore this in the North African desert
  10. Yes, you can't slide it anymore
  11. I attached mine to a chest rig. That solved the problem.
  12. Trijicon RMR, leupold deltapoint and the JP red dot come bullet proofed from the factory. I have been using them on slide mounted hand guns and open shotguns without loss of zero or diode failures.
  13. The rim of the shell when loading doubles?
  14. Mine was an XN, I contacted Akdal in Turkey via email requesting to buy a new bolt or extractor. They referred me to T&N as their distributor.
  15. My experience is that they lead the barrel horribly and group poorly in my Versamax