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  1. what are you using for lube, my Marauder has been 100% reliable from day 1
  2. I got a CR Speed, DAA Premium, and a Shooters Connection, I have been using the CR Speed inner with the DAA outer for a couple years, now all I use is the SC set up, the CR Speed inner is now my work belt, for 40 bucks the SC belt is hard to beat IMHO
  3. It only fits SVI grips, I tried a Dawson, IMHO it was marginally better than nothing, I'm really liking the RHT snake skin paddle, one big issue with it though it comes with a metric screw, so plan on buying a 4-40 screw
  4. Round nose pills
  5. I ran my 9RO with stock recoil spring, ditched the ILS and installed a S&A Magwell with 70 series guts, Wilson mags
  6. Why
  7. Send it back to STI
  8. Mine won't count shots anymore, I think I'll fix it with a pocket pro 2
  9. Sordins with gel cups
  10. Mil R
  11. Mil\Mil for the win.
  12. NightForce, just do it.
  13. That's a good looking shooter, I may copy your design next year, I initially wanted the Uber Tactical Micro Pocket grip, Casey talked me out of it, and I'm glad he did.
  14. I went with Taran 4g2 base pads, 11 coil springs and 9mm followers, kept the STI 9mm spacers, I had to file ever so lightly a follower to enable loading more than a round, all my 140mm mags now hold 23 rounds, I have not fired a round yet, but all 3 mags hold the slide back and feed during hand cycling
  15. 9mm 140mm STI tubes, Taran guts and 4mm base pad equal 23 rounds