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  1. Mine won't count shots anymore, I think I'll fix it with a pocket pro 2
  2. Sordins with gel cups
  3. Mil R
  4. Mil\Mil for the win.
  5. NightForce, just do it.
  6. That's a good looking shooter, I may copy your design next year, I initially wanted the Uber Tactical Micro Pocket grip, Casey talked me out of it, and I'm glad he did.
  7. I went with Taran 4g2 base pads, 11 coil springs and 9mm followers, kept the STI 9mm spacers, I had to file ever so lightly a follower to enable loading more than a round, all my 140mm mags now hold 23 rounds, I have not fired a round yet, but all 3 mags hold the slide back and feed during hand cycling
  8. 9mm 140mm STI tubes, Taran guts and 4mm base pad equal 23 rounds
  9. I only use it for dry fire
  10. Ed Brown makes firing pins specially for Springfields
  11. I use the PS Timer Pro app on my iPhone, and I use a cord to connect the phone to my MSA Sordins, works perfect.
  12. Being able to see holes in paper at distances beyond 200 atmospherics come into play big time, even a 5k Hensolt Spotter 60(best Spotter on the planet) cant see holes in paper beyond 200 in some conditions, the Razor line of spotters are great scopes, I have a 20-60x80 Straight Razor,
  13. And by all tests his 3k suppressor is no quieter than a 500 dollar can
  14. I have the eBay hanger, the fit n finish aren't first class, but it simply works, and a little black paint made it look a lot better, I no experience with a BOSS or the Safariland
  15. Which one better, they both basically cost the same, does one allow more rounds that other