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  1. SVI IMM 4.5" with 4 popple holes 2 port comp and 172 PF - 121 gr. IFP Montana Gold - 10.7 gr. 3N38 - 1.235 OAL - .380 crimp Consistent PF around the country in various temps.
  2. I forgot to mention, I also bought a 140MM mag for my 40 cal Limited SS grip SVI's. They are 21+1 reloadable. Nicely made mags!
  3. I also run 1.235 OAL
  4. I ran the 'big stick' in my SS grip SVI IMM 38 SC gun at a match this weekend several times without issue. The mag holds 30+1 of 38 SC and I did run one stage with a 31 round count, it worked out nicely. Now how to squeeze in 31+1?
  5. I am having a new SV built the only thing I am changing is the CMore. I am going to try the new RTSx when ever they get the bugs worked out. Have fun with your build Kevin!
  6. Foxbat, ordered in May and guessing next summer. This has been the MO for all my other SVI's.
  7. Foxbat, I ordered another SV IMM Open gun specifing the RTS2. Brandon gave me the same response about the testing, which makes sense. Sarge is probably correct in that it will be and RTS3 or 4 by the time we get our guns.
  8. I run my OAL long in all my SV tubes for years. 1.235 in 38 Super Comp and 1.22 in .40 cal. Brandon recommends a 13 coil spring in the 140mm tubes for 38SC. I hope that helps.
  9. 10s of thousands of rounds of MG bullets in various calibers with the most consistent weight as advertised.
  10. Nice piece Roy, can't wait for my SS version to arrive!
  11. If you want to calm that Cat down you might want to try a slower powder like 3N38 around 10.4 gr. or N105 like Grumpy suggested.
  12. Cody - Welcome to our addiction!
  13. No, the heaviest bullet I use for SC is 124 grain, but usually 121 gr. The best OAL for my SVI IMM gun is 1.235 - 1.240 OAL with a .378 - .379 crimp. While I'm at it, the powder is 3N38 at 10.4 gr. producing 170 PF. Hope that helps.