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  1. Scope and mount came in today. The Razor is everything I thought It would be. Im glad for the advice on the scope mount.
  2. I guess i could have made the questiin more clear. I open to anything. I see a BCG as a part that can be used in any of my ar stuff with the same cartridge head. I dont mind spending the money if i see a benefit. I understand equipment is not a replacment for skill. I didnt know that some matches dont allow lightend BCG. Thank you for pointing this out.
  3. I have heard the Radical Arms BCG is a weak point. Is there any advantage to high end BCG.
  4. Im wanting to shoot some 2 gun matches. I have a cheap Radical Arms AR. I put a Geissele SD-3G trigger in it and have a Vortex Razor (JM bdc) ordered. I have heard Radical Arms BCG's are not very good. I would like some help selecting a BCG. Im not an AR guy. I love good glass anb nice trigges. I have not developed any love for BCG yet.
  5. Hey JWil, thanks for the recommendation. I found the Bobro extended mount and a 10% off coupon. I like the American Defense mount but the Bobro looks like a higher quality mount. It only cost a few dollars more. I now have about 3 times as much in the scope and mount as I do the gun!
  6. I had not seen that mount. I really like that. I would not have thought one clamp would be strong enough. I did not up grade the shipping from Optics Plannet so Ihave plenty of time to get one of the Brobo mounts. Im going to think about it over the weekend.
  7. I wanted to thank everyone for the advice. I already own a Aero Precision and really like it. The Vortex Razor has a lot of eye relief and i want to push it a little more foward of the reciver. Seems a lot of people have a negative review of LaRue's customer service skills.
  8. I went with the American Defense Recon-x. Just waitiing on the Mail man to show up!
  9. I have decided to order a Vortex razor 1-6. I know its heavy and people like to mount them a little more foward. I am looking at Larue SPR-E LT139 and American Defense Any suggestions?
  10. I like to train with my focus on one part of the drill and do the rest subconscious. I run the bill drill and focus on the front sight and let the speed just happen. This is a way I practice getting better at tracking the sight. I will also do a bill drill with focus on the draw and shooting as fast as I can. This helps me learn to pull the trigger faster. Subconsciously im still doing everything I should. The most important thing is to determine what you are trying to accomplish with your drill and only judge that one thing.
  11. I ran the Scorpion with open sights this weekend through some drills. I had just bought the gun from a friend. It feels very good. I ordered the CZ custom mount today. I decided to go with the Venom
  12. Are you shooting both eyes open?
  13. Im going to buy one. Which would be best for the Scorpion in PCC. If removing sight for batterye replacment is only difference i would go with the cheaper Viper.
  14. I know IDPA rule boom says the gun cannot fire on the release of the trigger. I have not read enough of the USPSA book yet. Man I love USPSA. I dont know half the rules and still never break any!
  15. I have noticed several guys at a local club shooting Limited Minor. I dont understand why. They are not in the hunt to win. (Major would not change that) I think some people believe there is an advantage to minor.