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  1. My gun will be in Wed and I need to order a holster. I have the Stoeger boss USPSA setup. What blade tech do i need to order? Looks like the difference is in the mount.
  2. I have taken a 2 week break from dry fire. When we get home tonight I will start back. Bullets out did nothing to my reloads. The only thing I really noticed is that you can get pouches closer together.
  3. Looks really good.
  4. Yea I was watching the reloads. Having my finger on the trigger while I'm messing with stuff is a problem. It's different with a live gun. I clear it and holster before I do anything else.
  5. I watched the video a few more times. If that makes you cringe then you would really not like it in live fire. I'm usually breaking the shot as soon as my finger finds the trigger. The gun is on target the mag is in the gun and I'm restablishing my grip as my finger come on the trigger. I'm going to keep practicing and shooting the same way.
  6. My finger is never on the trigger while I preform a reload. The shadow has a large under cut. I bring my finger up and out of the trigger guard as I release the mag. I get back in the trigger guard as I come back on target. It may look bad at that angle but I am completely out of the trigger guard.
  7. I have been doing a lot of reloads tonight. Very interesting results. Since I changed the gun orientation the mag goes in the gun a lot smoother. I have thrown a few mags across the room. Nothing is subconscious yet. Now I feel like I can work on my speed and accuracy getting the mag in the mag well. Keeping my elbow close is a strange feeling. It seems to work but it's going to require a lot of dry-fire. I think I'm going to lay off matches until the first of the year. That will give me time to get things in order before I show my buds my new reloading skills
  8. Alright I have had a chance to work with my new reloads. It seems Jake has been spot on. The orientation of my gun was my problem. I drew the mag a few times and just put the gun where the mag was going. The Glock is a different grip angle. I never made a difference in the gun position. I have dry-fired reloads for about 20 min. I'm working on my discipline to retrieve the magazine faster without changing anything else. I have been able to speed up my movement to the gun some. I'm not consistent enough yet but reloads are going much better with about .15 to .2 reduction in time. I'm beating the 1.1 par time by a lot. I kept bumping in back till it hit .9 this seems to be the same as 1.1 was a couple nights ago. This is a great way to start my new year training plan.
  9. I'm pretty consistent at that speed. A friend told me to watch the mag fall out of the gun. That ensures I see my mag well. It seems to have helped. I have started standing more erect which helps. What you said about gun orientation really stands out. I'm going to work on that. The mag seems slow going into the gun. When I try to retrieve a mag faster I end up trying to insert it faster also. If I do the Burkett reload and isolate just getting the fresh mag I can correct this. Thanks for taking the time to post your advice. I'm going to work on all the points you brought up. It does not cost anything to practice reloads. Why not be good at them!
  10. Here is the video. Phone dry-fire timer is set to 1.1 I cannot consistently hit the 1.1 but it is a good time for me to work toward. I just cannot seem to get faster. In full disclosure I do not practice Burkett reloads and I know that I do not get the 1.5 hours of dry-fire in most weeks. My way is not working so I'm here for help. I plan to start the Burkett reloads this week. I can move my hands faster but the reloads really fall apart. What do you see in the video that I can change to improve my reloads Jake, my current is about a 1.25 reload. I have made progress with the CZ. I started out at 1.5 seconds. Maybe my expectations are set to high. I really want to reload from my first mag pouch in under a second.
  11. I made the switch in March. I was only shooting IDPA back then. I was doing a reload with retention in 1.4-1.5 seconds. Slide lock was 1.25 or better. My CZ started out terrible. Metal mag and metal gun are much harder to out together. I live in the country but cannot live fire because there is no back stop. Last month I set up a dry-fire range in the backyard. I usually get about 1.5 hours a week of dry-fire. I wanting to step up to 5 hours a week
  12. I'm production B (73.88%) class. Have shot 7 classifiers. Been shooting Idpa for 2 years and started USPSA because I could not stomach shooting around barrels any longer. I have been judging all my times @ 7yds. I practice everything but track my 7yd skill. I have a decent dry-fire program and get to live fire practice About 3 times a month. I shoot a couple matches each month. My reloads went to crap when I switched from a Glock to a CZ. I'm making a new commitment to shooting for 2017. I want to start now and have a big dry-fire program going by Jan 1st. I want to make sure my technique is correct. I will post some video tomorrow evening. Thank you for the interest in my thread.
  13. I would like to discuss fast "speed" USPSA reloads. Im stuck in the 1.25 range and don't think my current training will make me faster. If you are fast please put your .02 cents in the thread.
  14. I would like to discuss fast "speed" USPSA reloads. Im stuck in the 1.25 range and don't think my current training will make me faster. If you are fast please put your .02 cents in the thread.
  15. I think the old classifier was way to easy.