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JLK / Swampworks 130gr 6.5mm B.C. of .620?


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Hello all, I wasn't sure if I should post this in the reloading forum - but it seemed like my target audience would be concentrated in here.

I haven't used any JLK VLD bullets yet, but they list a G1 BC of ".620??" for the 130 grain 6.5mm's. That sounds really optimistic to me!?? Secondly, are they consistent enough to "plug and play" (no sorting)? I have been meaning to pick up Brian Litz's new book; did he happen to test them?

Link to Bullet -> JLK Bullets Home

I do know that they have been used in various rifle disciplines in the past, but it seems most everyone has moved to yellow, silver, green, or red boxes of bullets... Of course, that might be due to other circumstances such as availability, cost, etc...

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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I bet that BC is pretty close. I bet within 20-30 points.

Being a VLD bullet with a J4 jacket, seating depth will be a definite player. If accuracy drops off, you might need to start chasing the throat.

That is why I dont shoot many bullets with J4 jackets now days.

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