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Well I just gone and done did it....


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Made my 1000th post!! LOL Not much to brag about but hey it is winter and all. Brian, thank you for keeping us all entertained and educated with this amazing site. The one stop shop for all your USPSA/IPSC needs (not to mention all those other fun gun games we play from time to time).

Joe W.

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Congrats, Joe :cheers: And you have been tagged yet??? Surely you've said something stupid or embarassing? :surprise:

:roflol: After hanging out and shooting together in Vegas you have to ask if I ever said anything stupid? I am sure there are tons of stupid things I have said over the years of being on here. :) In all honesty the stupidest thing I have ever said (shooting related) has to be, "Sure, I will take the slot" LOL I really needed to practice and train a lot more than I did before Vegas, count that as one of the many lessons learned this September. By the way, I JUST got my black match shirt. Call it a very late goody from the match or an early present for Christmas. :wacko:

Great. But don't let it go to your head. Pretty soon people will be making a bunch of trivial posts just so they can catch up.

See what I mean, here's one now...

LOL 1000 posts is just a drop in the bucket next to some of the people around these parts. I try to keep all of my posts and replies in the subject and hopefully help out others. :cheers:

Joe W.

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