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To Remember Driver Jim Clark R.I.P.


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I'm confident Doc Watson didn't realize your friend Jimmy Clark shared his name with one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time.

I do not know of your friend, I'm sure he is every bit the gentleman the Flying Scotsman was.

Such are the issues of posting on a pistol site a rememberance of another sharing the same name from a completely different sport.

Jimmy Clark, the driver, was a master behind the wheel of these light, powerful Lotus Grand Prix racing cars, during a time when death played a huge role in the open wheel racing sport.

It was my privilege to see the driver Jimmy Clark at the old Riverside Raceway, during a Los angeles Grand Prix in the late '60's.

Jimmy Clark, multiple Grand Prix World Champion, also a winner of the Indianapolis 500, was one of the major players that revolutionized open wheel racing as it went from the tradional front engined Offy powered roadsters to the Rear engined Ford powered racers.

As are the champions of competitive pistol shooting, Jimmy Clark, the Grand Prix driver was one of the talents that comes along once in a generation and is forever remembered for his heroic, legendary achievements.

Thanks Doc Watson for reminding those of us that grew up in that golden time.

Apologies to friends of today's Jimmy Clark.

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Its ironic because I have 2 friends named the same as formula 1 racers, Jimmy Clark and Graham Hill. Both shooters and racers of a different type.

The movie Formula One was on the other night and showed, the Late Mr. Clark in the credits.


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