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  1. Lizard Litter from Petco + capful of Nu Finish
  2. Welcome to the addictive forum and world of pistol shooting
  3. First, welcome to the forum. Secondly, Storm Lake products are excellent. I have 3 of their aftermarket barrels for the M&P line. They are truly drop-in. As for your delemma, my suggestion would be to save your cash to purchase another gun rather than buying another barrel. If you 'really want' the M&P Pro, I would wait until funds from the tree begin to shake free again and continue to use the PT92. My 2¢
  4. I have an unattached 2 car garage that I built. There is a temperature controlled office area where I load and keep everything stored.
  5. Beautiful thread. One thing I might add... If you haven't asked every question or know every aspect of your parents' or spouse's life, please begin now. Take on the role of bibliographer. When my Dad was given a 3-6 month prognosis in December '08 I sat down and asked questions and received minute details of his life (growing up, schools, jobs, Navy, etc) I asked what was his biggest joy, his biggest loss/regret, best time in his life, worse time, etc. I used a digital tape recorder as well as writing everything down. He passed away on 1/1/09. My Mom was given the same 3-6 month span at the end of Sept '08. I repeated the process, although starting right after my father passed away. Mom died on 10/15/08. I now have a great understanding on how and why my parents did what they 'did' with parenting. More importantly I have their words in their own voice when I need to 'talk' to them. I started the same fact finding with my wife of 36 years, not so much for me but for our kids. The real crap part was the Docs saying 3-6 months. I could accept the 2 week outcome and would have made plans to stay there instead of traveling back and forth. Joel/Mike: Holidays are rough times. Thankfully I have 2 grandsons that enjoy me being a part of their lives. S
  6. Yes, pretty much happens to all of us when we fail to use it...
  7. Great job Spanky...a fine win, baby on the way, life is good!
  8. Hopefully Eric will end up with an Italian or..heaven forbid a German maker.
  9. Actually, clear plastic has a harder tensile strength than any with color pigment.
  10. Agreed and maybe the same will happen with Gaston passing away. Glock could again lead the innovation in gun world. I handled the LCR and too found it a nice feel in the hand but also hoogly as my mother in law. After all the S&W revolvers in and around here, the LCR reminded me of a cap gun. There is a niche for it as sales have been brisk.
  11. Now if a hat or cap would be flipped up from the table and landed on his head when he made the turn, that would be something to see. As it is, I can only give it a 10. Wowzer!
  12. All of Nature is renovated by fire.
  13. I have 2 Python safe queens. The cylinders do not rotate freely as mentioned in this thread. You could never do the gunslinger spin and close routine on the Colts (no, I don't and haven't). The triggers on the Pythons are smooth and crisp however with regular use the guns were prone to timing problems. After rebuilds by Colt, they sit and look pretty in the safe. My 686s and 625 have never given me any pause after thousands of rounds. The free slow movement of the Python's cylinder is just nature of the beast.
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