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need new powder for 223 and 308


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Well I am out of all of my wc 844 and 846 that i bought years ago.

Now with the prices of surplus powder being damn close to commercial

what would you recommend.

I load mainly on a Dillon XL 650 with the dillon measure.

I load mainly for 223 and 308. mainly 55s and 147s. I shoot 3 gun.

kicker is that I live in Nevada and this is the home of extreme temps.

Along with being 4700 feet in elevation.

So what do you guys think?


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You'll no doubt find replies and opinions as numerous as powder choices, but, for what it's worth...

Reading 55's and 147's as "ball"-flavor as opposed to heavy bullet, long-range accuracy stuff...

After trying dozens, I've settled on 748 and 3031 (respectively) for these sorts of loads - both of which meter nicely in a 650. If you're upgrading to SMK's (oh, say, 69's and/or 168's/175's, respectively, for long-range/small-group stuff), the best I've found, personally, is Varget (if you're shooting an M1A or the like - the "standard" of 41.5g of 4895 behind a 168g Sierra MatchKing is pretty sweet), although you'll have to watch for the occasional powder bridging in a progressive.


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WC844 was good. After I couldn't find it anymore (and now with the price), I went to AA2230C.. it's gone now.. and now I'm on normal AA230.

Still a good deal (PowderValley), and meters great.

I gave my Varget away.. lol - Hated that stuff. More expensive, didn't meter as well, and had higher SDs. I know I'm in the majority here..

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I like H335, it is supposed to be Hodgdon commercial equivalent of MilPSec ball powder. I have used it with 55 - 69gr in bolt bolt and semi auto's. Excellent stuff. I use the maximum listed for both bullets in all firearms and they go the speed they say and where I point them.

I also like Benchmark with the 69gr. Very accurate, again the max load listed works the best in all three 223's I shoot.

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