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  1. New to VR80 world. Mine came equipped with a goofy mag lock (CA-compliant, apparently) that (briefly, until it was removed) required that the rear pivot pin be pulled and the upper rotated upwards slightly before the mag catch could be depressed. The rear pivot pin is extended on the RH side of the gun to aid this process, but, as a consequence, makes it difficult at best to actuate the safety with my left thumb (thanks RIA for thinking of us - the safety levers are at least swappable so the longer one can be put on the RH side of the gun). I really don't want to cut the "head" off this pin, and would prefer to replace it with a "smooth" (non-protruding) pin - does anyone know whether a more "conventional" pivot pin is available (or is it compatible with a normal AR pin)? Second question... Does anyone know of a LH mag release (a la Norgon or...)? Is anyone working on one?
  2. I've installed THESE on my race guns. Love the adjustability, not sure how I ever got along without thumbrests. 'Course, the main selection criteria was that DAA offers them in left-hand
  3. Varget, AA2230, Benchmark, RE-15, BLC-2, W748, 4895, H322, RE-7, VV N133, VV N135, 3031, 4198 will all work as well...in this festive period, it sort of boils down to what you can actually find..!
  4. Think you missed one key criteria - total number of mutual butt-sniffing opportunities encountered
  5. Better yet, have mail with Forum member snowshooze. He sells an absolutely brilliant replacement part with a roller at the bottom; bye-bye sliding friction/grease/grooves. Have them on all my 650's and they're GREAT!
  6. 45's usually my "use up the odds and ends" ctg. - I've used Bullseye, Red Dot, N320, AA2, AA5, Unique, 7625, Clays, Universal, and probably at least a couple I'm forgetting for major loads...
  7. Keen to hear feedback as to whether they also sorted out the problem with rain blurring out the diode (which, on the Gen I, is located at the bottom of a narrow slot that loves to collect water - had to carry canned air in my bag to blow the slot out as needed). Absolutely LOVE the sight, but, living in the Great NorthWET, this was a show-stopper for me...
  8. I used THESE for my FCG swap...correct length, and won't wear the polymer lower...
  9. 175gr Nosler Custom Competition @ 2.200" OAL over 20.0gr AA1680 and a WSR primer runs 1934 fps/330 PF out of my 16" AA upper. All usual disclaimers apply, try at your own risk, yada, yada, yada...
  10. Personally, I'd have a look on GunBroker.com at what circa-70's Pythons are going for first...you may want to buy/use something else for your match wear-'n'-tear gun... Here's but one example...
  11. One major drawback with the DeltaPoint that I've personally experienced is the design of the LED window. The LED sits down in a nice, narrow slot that's a magnet for rain or mist - one droplet, bye-bye-dot. Have had repeated mail with Leupold on this topic (living in the Pacific NorthWET, this is, obviously, a show-stopper, in a very literal sense). After initial assurances that "engineering's looking into it," they've gone dark on me, and I've given up on the DP. Replaced it with an RMR which I love, and it seems impervious to the wet... YMMV...
  12. "...the bottom line for consumers is that ammunition producers do not expect the smelter's closure to lead to any imminent impact on the price or availability of lead ammunition components." See http://www.nraila.org/news-issues/articles/2013/12/us-ammunition-industry-to-survive-closure-of-lead-smelter.aspx
  13. FWIW, 3.3 B'eye under a non-gas-checked hard cast lead 147 gives me 898 fps out of a G17 (Lone Wolf bbl)...
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