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KKM 40-9mm barrles


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I got a KKM 40-9mm conversion barrel for my model 24, I have tried it on my CCF frame and the original 24 frame and I just am not having any luck. I have tried several different brands of factory 115 grain bullets, WW white box, PMC, Sellier and Bellot, and Federal/American Egale. None of these will group better than 5-6" at 25 yards. Is it a bad barrel or do I need to do some reloading? I hate the idea of reloading 9mm as the allure for 3-gun is being able to buy something from a large chain at your destination and leave the weight of ammo on the airlines for the more important rifle ammo. Now before we start in on the " bad technique/trigger controll issues I am a M and with My STIs and 6" Fat Free I can usually hold 5 rounds into about 2" at 25yds. With the .40 top end on this here thang I can usually get around 2-3" groups, but not with this 9mm set up. I just need to know if it could be a bad barrel, or if I need to sell it because I am NOT going to reload 9mm. Yes the sights are on tight too! KURTM

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Only one thing comes to my once fertile and active mind. The barrel sounds like it is not locking up. It goes into battery fine, "feels" snug, but as soon as it fires it's loose tolerance shows itself with large inconsistent groups. The barrel never truly "locks" back into the same position. My gut says a trip to a good smith with both frames and your converted top end will have you blasting away soon. Just a matter of metal marriage. :rolleyes:

Jim M

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Something is off. I think somebody just posted about another KKM barrel not being up to snuff.

Found the thread: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?...9&hl=barrel

The barrel is likely not fitted properly. "Drop in" barrels don't always fit the slide theya re dropping into.... hence the barrel makers will let you send the slide in and they will fit a barrel for a nominal fee.

I bought a Firedragon 40-9 barrel for my G35 and it was not right. They sent me another that groups like a bullseye gun. With barrels, it's all in the fit.

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Just some random KKM tidbits...

- I ordered a G24 (40) barrel from Brownells. At the time, Brownells had just started carrying them. I wanted a G35 barrel, but they didn't have any in stock and I didn't want to wait. So, it was an inch (or whatever) proud, sticking out of my G35. I later learned that that extra length wasn't USPSA legal, so I shortened it. I cut it back with a sawzall, trued it flat with a file, then crowned it (11d cutter from Brownells).

That barrel would hit anything in the range of 40S&W. I can't really say how well it grouped, because I'm not a group shooter.

- That was their drop-in barrel. I didn't have to do a thing to the chamber. The hood fit (length) locked up perfect...just kissing the breach face at the top of it's travel.

- On a G20, we got a KKM barrel. I didn't like the looks of the crown on it from the start. So I called them up and sent it back in. They cleaned it up and took care of it. It's been running/shooting great for years now.

- I have an extended and threaded barrel and (4-port) comp from KKM for a G34. It dropped in too. Groups here probably aren't as good as the other two. But, that might be any number of things. That gun is pretty loose. Even so, I'd put it as a 2-3 inch gun at 25y. (I recall sighting in the C-more on that gun at 18y and getting a quick and dirty, off-hand group that was about 2 inches or so.)

- None of those drop-in barrels required any extra fitting. They didn't require any finish reaming in the chamber either.

- I have been picking up hints that maybe the newer barrel were coming out till needed some gunsmith work in the chambers. I think a buddy and I were talking about this a few weeks back. Now you have one with something going on, and Julien has one. Hmmmm.

If it were me, I'd throw the 40 barrel back in and verify the gun groups still. Then, I'd throw the 9mm barrel back in on the same day and ensure that nothing has changed. Then, I'd give Kevin a call at KKM.

Oh...I'd check that fit too, as Bountyhunter suggests.

What are the groups looking like? Shotgun effect, or vertical stringing?

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The barrel is fitted to the frame. It is fitted to the slide. I will look at the crown.

Same day shooting ( today ) on both Glock frame and CCF frame, 25 yards.

.40 cal barrel on glock frame 2.34" for 5 shots Remington yellow box

.40 cal on CCF frame 1.87" Remington ammo

9MM barrel on Glock frame 4 shots to the left of center in a nice tight 6" and the 5th shot WAY low and right opening the group up to a nice 9.23" WW 115gr white box

9MM on CCF frame of which the barrel was fitted to. Grouped every where, but a bit better than the Glock frame at a nice 8.47"

control group out of 6" Fat Free w/ reload that it seems to like 5 rounds 1.32" center to center with 3 touching

control group 2 w/ box stock G17 same white box ammo. 3.11" ( man I need to slick this trigger up! )

Now I don't know if it was fitted properly, I followed all the directions and I used to work as a gunsmith, but I don't know! It was sold as a drop in unit. I am thinking lock up also, but all the tests say it,s okay, there are no big nicks or burrs on the crown, but to be honest I haven't really looked at it all that well. It seems to chamber good enough.

Any thoughts on what to check on the lock up outside of the few sentences of fitting I got??

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I have a 9mm conversion bbl for my 35 that's old enough that I had to buy it direct because Brownel's didn't carry them yet and I don't remember the group size, but, I do remember that it sucked with 115 grain bullets. It will do about 2" at 25 yards with most 147 grain bullets.

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