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How To Save Money At Christmas

lynn jones

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Several years ago I was headed to Alaska on a caribou hunt.

My daughter was young, she asked "what's a caribou?"

I say to her they are reindeer up in Alaska. She's like "reindeer? Like Santa Clause reindeer?"

I smirk a little and say "yep, if we shoot enough of them we'll have to cancel Christmas . . . "

Needless to say, the dogs didn't sleep alone that night . . .


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Every year I put a red nose on a deer trophy in the lounge. When any of my kids freinds come in they ask why. I tell them that Rudolf was a little drunk last year and crashed into the wall. Always gets a reaction.

The best one is when they are real young you can tell them that the back end is outside and they go look!!!!

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