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Once upon a time, at my former employer, who shall remain nameless, but shall remain famous for their ill-reputation....

"Want to buy some ski-passes?"

"I might...how much?...where are they good for? etc..."

"Well this might not happen because we need $1000 of passes to do the group buy, and we only have about $300 so far."

"Can non-employees buy tickets?"


"Let me make a call."

Bam. My buddy and I sprung for about $700 of ski passes between us, thus making the whole shebang possible. The passes were to arrive in October.

In August, I left the company. First thing I checked was if I was good to go on the passes.

"No problem"

October arrives. October goes. No word.

First week in November, I decide to call. I leave a very polite message. Ski pass guy throws a fit, spews out a bunch of profanities, and I hear about it through my friend who works there.

By now I'm getting nervous. Buddy is wondering where his passes are and I'm ready to write him a check just to cover him.

Second week of November comes. I call.

"I've got your number. I'lll call." Followed by the phone being slammed onto the hook.

WTF??! :blink:

End of the second week, the phone call comes. Our passes are there. I run over to pick them up ASAP because I detect some serioulsy bad juju going on.

"Why do you need all these passes?" (We had bought 22)

"Yeah, are you selling them on eBay or something?"

"They're for me and my friend. We gave you two checks, remember?"

"Hmm... Oh geez! You're actually going to open up the envelope and count them?"


"I can't believe it."

Well after all this sh*t and being a month late with $700 of our goddamned money, you'd better believe I'll be looking in the envelope, honey. Oh, and thanks for not even thanking me, by the way. My friend and I make these dirt-cheap ski passes a reality for your whole f-ing company and you're all pissed at me for it. What the F***, over?!

I'm not asking for anyone to kiss my ass or wash my truck, but if you come to me for help and I help, a simple thank you would be in order. And thus, another batch of a-holes make it onto my "I wouldn't p*** on you if you were on fire" list...


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It's genuinely amazing how evil people are, how petty and vindictive, and how they turn into their real selves after you "insult their ego" by leaving their company.

Speaking of evil: The whole story reminded me of the absolute cheapest, meanest, most assholic SOB I ever had the misfortune to work for: his name was Joe Verozza and he owned Power 10, inc. His specialty was to fire people a week before Xmas because the company paid out the annual profit sharing at the end of the calendar year and he took orgasmic delight in screwing the employee out of the profit sharing he had earned with his year's work.

Same guy who fired me a week before Xmas back in 1990. Turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

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<_< You gonna use all them passes? Or just burn them in a flame

I'm gonna ski until the p-tex on my boards goes up in flames.

Every time I go through one of these goat ropes, I find myself less able to play well with others. Don't ask me why... <_<

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I help people whenever I can ....sure some will rip you off or mess you up one way or another.

But I just cant turn a blind eye...and sometimes people will surprize you .

Several years ago I helped a young guy who was in the Air Force build a little T bucket.

He was a great kid and it was my pleasure to help him.

When he got out and was on his way back to upstate New York...he stoped by and gave me a new set of wheels for MY hotrod.

We had seen them in a book and I had told him I liked them but I could not afford them.

The wheels and the memories of the fun I had with him building his car ...are among my most cherished posessions.

Jim :wub:

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Leaving an employer is like leaving home. You can never go back. Its best not to think you could.

I grew up making deals with a handshake. A promise was something you kept, it was not just another negotiating ploy.

I try to help when I can. I assumed you are telling me the truth until proven otherwise.

When I was younger, I was a little more tolerant to someone telling half truths or breaking a deal because "I misunderstood them".

Then I entered the business world. To many lying and cheating are just a way of doing business. Some did it to help the business. Some did it to help with their advancement within the company. Some did it just because they felt they could.

Now if you lie to me, or if you cheat me, to H*** with you. You will never have my trust again.

For everyone else, I'll try to help when I can and I'll trust you until you prove me wrong.


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