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Sounds pretty damn good to me. I'm not an expert on the matter . . . but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

Congrats! Reaching C class is a fine achievement. Loving what you're doing, and enjoying new friends is the best reward of all!


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<_< Well with out You and the guys like you 9 out of 10 clubs could not exist and could not afford to do any matches. same in most of the shooting sports Sporting Clays to IPSC.

When ever you decide to get irresponsible about the time and cash you spend shooting you will more than likely move up.

I kept an older Truck to drive to offset the "Monkey on my back"

I think that Responsibility is what holds most shooter back. They mow the yard paint the house things like that before they go shooting.

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I'm not great by any strech, but without my hommie Kurt the killer Miller. He has been such a great help to show me technics and understanding of how to be a better shooter. I would not be the shooter I am today. Im far away from winning over all in a match, but if I ever do that will be the last match I will ever shoot. So I think I will be shooting for years to come. If I had any advise for anyone, I would say shoot as much as you can. and preform. Do it like you own it.

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