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Area 2/Desert classic videos


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<_< I have some loading on Google Video over 1/2 of them are up . BUT I don't know how to share the link, and If I did I would most likely miss spell part of it.

So If some-one wants to help go to Google Video search with - "Jamie ! Area 2 stage 1" - or stage 5 and that should give you my page I have General Chang and Glock Phan + every stage of the match when it finishes loading.

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Here is a link that will get you to AlamoShooter's links...

Jamie ! Area 2 stage 2 - Google Video Link

That was actually stage 1....32 shots. Stage 2 was only 26 shots.

Thanks HoMie

That stage 2 will load later today I have 30 videos but that link should get you to the page that has the other guys on it.


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the link doesn't work.


OK :unsure: ?? OK ? ?

Go to video.google.com do a search with AlamoShooter and that will get you to all the stages with one or two of the guys shooting Limited A class and C class and Open A , M, & B

Team Thunder

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